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Development at 6th and Campbell (2003)

May 2003

SHNA and adjacent neighbors were alarmed at the first plans we saw for the old SAMHC site. The developer, James Horvath of Town West Realty, originally planned to build what he called "student housing" at the corner of 6th and Campbell. They were not dormitories in the traditional sense as they had no resident assistants or other supervision. These buildings could have been built without any change to the Neighborhood Plan or the zoning. The only reason we had anything to say about what is going on in this block is that the Mayor and Council must approve the sale of the alleys. Although the plans we saw would have required the city to vacate the alleys, similar plans could be built without doing so.

We met with Mr. Horvath and Raul Reyes to ask them to consider building housing that would attract the same kind of resident mix we see in the rest of Sam Hughes. After some rethinking, the next plan was for a mixed use development offering some neighborhood amenities as well as housing. In contrast to the original project of 4 bedroom units, this one has a larger number of units of 2 and 3 bedrooms. It also has about 45,000 square feet of retail/commercial space, which is planned to hold several restaurants, shops, and offices.

As a result of feedback on the first mixed-use plan, Town West has presented three more plans of densities and heights that range between those of the dormitory plan and the first mixed-use plan. These are presented here in both overhead and perspective views as well as a detail suggesting the general features of the commercial and residential portions of the developments.

Most of these plans would require a change to both the Neighborhood Plan and zoning, which will require public hearings, the next of which will be on June 4 before the Planning Commission in the Tucson City Council Chambers at 7PM. Before that, on June 3, the SHNA Board will hold a meeting to gather input from the neighbors. The meeting will be in the Fellowship Hall of Catalina Methodist Church at 6:30PM and will involve both a discussion of alternatives and a vote to get a sense of which plans have the most support. The Board will report the results to the Planning Commission, but it is essential that all interested neighbors come to the hearings as well.

If you haven't already done so, please take a moment to fill out the membership application.

In the hope of facilitating the meeting on June 3, it has been suggested that we name all the alternatives. They will now be named Plan A through Plan E, from the lowest number of units to the greatest. Please note that the student housing units in Plan A are 4 BR/4 BA rental units, while all the other plans show 2-3 BR condominiums.

Plan A: The first plan that was presented, the student housing development of 44 4 BR/4 BA rental units.

Plan B: Neighborhood drug store (14,000SF, 1 story 30' height) and 32 Condominiums (2 story, 25' height)

Plan C: Mixed use retail and 60 Condominiums(16,000SF retail and condos in 2 and 3 story, 44' height; remaining condos in 2 story, 25' height)

Plan D: Mixed use retail and 87 Condominiums (30,000SF retail and condos in 4 story setback with roof gardens 56' height on Campbell and 6th; 3 story, 44' height on 7th and Norris side)

Plan E: This is a view of the plans for the first mixed use development from the corner of 6th and Campbell.

This is an axiometric view of the whole site. It shows 4 floors along 6th and Campbell and 3 floors along 7th and Norris.The parking is in one surface level and 2 underground levels under the 3 story portion and the raised courtyard in the middle of the block. The apartments in the 3 story portions along 7th and Norris are 2 bedroom units that face the courtyard, with bedrooms facing the streets. There is also a bicyclist rest area containing water, air supply, bicycle parking and seating along Norris, and some of the neighbors have proposed that 7th street be closed between Campbell and Norris to create a park and to prevent traffic from coming into the neighborhood at that point. Important: As promised, here is our most recent correspondence with the developer.

This is an old archived post or event, it is not current news.

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