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Pines float over the UofA Campus mall

By Frank Soltys


Four large Aleppo Pines literally floated over the UA Mall on Saturday, May 5 of 2007. The move - to make room for the new intercollegiate athletics (ICA) basketball/volleyball practice facility now under construction - is said to be the second-largest tree removal by size of trees in U.S. history.

The trees once graced a front yard or yards in the 700 block of North Martin Avenue before the University expanded East to Campbell Ave. in the 1960s. The trees weighed about 90,000 pounds each in 13-foot square containers, 5 1/2 feet deep, and Civano Nursery conducted the daylong move.

Thanks to involvement by your neighborhood association, ICA, and the UA Campus Arboretum, the landmark pines were only moved about a dozen yards to preserve their historic and landscape properties and to form an entry plaza to the UA ICA offices. Updated project information can be found at:

If all goes as planned, the trees will continue to provide shade for band practice and other activities and construction is scheduled to be completed by August 2008. There are more than 500 individual tree species on the UA campus, many of them the largest of their kind in Arizona. To check out these and other beautiful and unique plant specimens, go to the Arboretum web site: for maps and more information.

This is an old archived post or event, it is not current news.

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