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Survey Results

By Frank Soltys

The "results" are in from the four-neighborhood (Sam Hughes, Blenman-Elm, Palo Verde, and Miramonte) survey re Himmel Park, the Himmel Park Library, and the adaptive reuse of the Water "tower" at First and Tucson Blvd. And one thing is for sure: Sam Hughes neighbors are very verbose. Data and comments were received from 620 residences of the four neighborhoods that meet at the corner of Speedway and Country Club and 341 of them, or 55%, came from our neighborhood, representing a 17% Sam Hughes response rate.

Perhaps it's no surprise that 71% of Sam Hughes respondents want more trees in the park (one self-described 84 year-old specified that the trees should be "fast growing)" Only 17% want more multi-use fields, 84% of our neighbors have a library card, and a mere 3% (nine respondents) do not feel safe a the Himmel Park Library. The most popular use for the Water Tower is a Xeriscape garden (65%) and the least popular would be a Tool Locker/Info Kiosk (20%). There appears to be strong support for the restoration and adaptive reuse of the 85 year-old neighborhood landmark.

Representatives from the four neighborhoods will begin meeting to consider the data and comments and to develop recommendations for Himmel Park.

If you want to be a part of that effort please email Frank Soltys at  Our neighborhood ListServ, our website, and newsletter will keep you updated.  Thanks to everyone who participated.

This is an old archived post or event, it is not current news.

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