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Sam Hughes Neighborhood Association, Tucson, Arizona

Monthly Meeting of the SHNA

The June meeting of the Sam Hughes Neighborhood Association will be held June 16, 2020 at 7:00 PM. Meeting details to be announced.

PLEASE NOTE: Unless otherwise announced, Board Meetings are held the 3rd Tuesday of each month. Look for minutes of recent meetings on the Minutes/Agendas page.

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April 22 Letter

The Zoning Committee to the Developer April 2003

Sam Hughes Neighborhood Association Zoning Committee April 22, 2003

Jim Horvath
Town West Realty
4280 N. Campbell Ave., Suite 212
Tucson, AZ 85718
By Facsimile Transmission to 615-7717 and U.S. Mail

Re: Sam Hughes Square

Dear Jim,

As you are aware the Sam Hughes Neighborhood Association Zoning Committee held a community-wide meeting to solicit input regarding the proposed Sam Hughes square project on April 16th. The Zoning Committee will be meeting shortly to prepare a formal response that incorporates these comments and builds upon our last letter to Town West. This letter is merely informative, and is intended to convey thoughts and concerns expressed by the broader community, whose support for this project is vital. Below is a summary of the main concerns raised at the meeting. We believe that you should be aware of these concerns prior to going into your next public meeting on the proposed project.

  1. Building is Out of Scale with the Neighborhood. Many residents have expressed concern that there is not adequate transition from the large building proposed to neighborhood scale single family residential homes. Although the scale issue is really a height (in feet) issue, it translates roughly to stories.
  2. Amendments to the SH Neighborhood Plan Should be Avoided. The concept of mixed-uses on the project site remains an appealing idea to many of the residents and in fact is accommodated in the existing Sam Hughes Neighborhood Plan. Of course the proposed project appears to require plan amendments, zoning changes, and variances, but in fact has the same combination of uses on the project site as accommodated by the Neighborhood Plan. The SNHA Zoning Committee would like to work with you to exhaust all efforts to accommodate your project within the Neighborhood Plan prior to considering amendments to the Plan. One of the most frequent concerns expressed at the meeting was the fear that the Project would become a "Trojan Horse", allowing OCR-1 zoning on adjacent corners and along the 6th street corridor. Unless neighbors can be assured this will not happen, it will be difficult to garner support for a Plan Amendment.

    Numerous neighbors stated that if the Project cannot be built without amending the Neighborhood plan and rezoning the Property, the Sam Hughes Neighborhood needs assurances from you and the City that (i) any rezoning is conditioned on conformity of the Project with the approved Development Plan (no future owner could increase heights or densities on the Property beyond those approved in the Development Plan without going through another plan amendment and rezoning), and (ii) any plan amendment contains language stating that the rezoning of the subject Property (to OCR-1 or another zoning designation) shall not be used as justification for upzoning any other property in the Neighborhood.

  3. Any Rezoning of this Property should not result in an amendment of University Area Plan allowing Upzoning on University property. Adjacent corners to the subject property should be completely dis-entangled from the current project parcel and the University Area Plan should not be amended as part of this project.
  4. Architectural Style in Keeping with Sam Hughes Historic Neighborhood. There is widespread concern about the current architectural renderings of the project. Efforts to make the project less monolithic in appearance and more importantly an architectural style that reflects the SH Historic neighborhood will be necessary. In addition, a memorial to the former site should be included in the new project. Several neighbors asked that the SHNA hire a "design consultant" to assist in architectural ideas for the site.
  5. Traffic Impacts Need to be Understood and Mitigated. Both the impact of the project on generating 'new' trips to the project site and 'cut-through' traffic as a result of the project need to be quantified. Traffic impacts of the project on 6th street in particular, and cut-through on 6th, 7th, 8th and Norris streets are of particular concern.
  6. Parking along 6th and Campbell needs to be minimized. The amount of parking in front of the Project along 6th Street and Campbell remains a concern to many neighbors.
  7. Building Intensity Inconsistent with Surrounding Neighborhood. The building has too large an impact on the community. With the assumption that each bedroom and den as currently configured will constitute a bedroom, 300 +/- tenants on the site in addition to the commercial uses, the intensity overall is out of balance with other uses in the neighborhood.
  8. Noise and Light Pollution Mitigated. These are somewhat self explanatory, but concerns about noise from people, restaurants, and motor vehicles as well as light pollution from the structure need to be addressed.
  9. Business Viability. Concerns were raised as to the market demand of individuals who would purchase the units as well as the market demand for commercial uses at the site.
The concerns identified in this letter are not listed in any particular order of importance, but each concern is important to some segment of the neighborhood population. The Zoning Committee is still committed to the project concept and wants to work together and with you to reach a project that is acceptable to both the community and Town West. We have no intention to stall or delay the progress of the project and reaching an agreement, as evidenced by the frequency and urgency of meetings we have conducted on the subject. Hopefully the issues identified in this letter can be discussed at your April 24 meeting.


Simon Washington
Vice President, Sam Hughes Neighborhood Association; Chair, SHNA Zoning Committee

C Zoning Committee Members (via email)
Mary Zulli (via email)
Fred Ronstadt Fax: 791-3211
Jim Keene Fax: 791-5198
Mary Beth Savel Fax: 879-4724
Frank Bangs, Jr. Fax: 879-4724

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