Sam Hughes Neighborhood National Historic District
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Sam Hughes Neighborhood Association, Tucson, Arizona

Annual Sam Hughes Neighborhood Association Meeting

The Annual Meeting will be held January 20, 2015 at 6:00 PM at Sam Hughes Elementary School. Everyone is urged to attend.

Sam Hughes Maps

Neighborhood Watch

Starting a Neighborhood Watch on Your Block

  • Identify the homes in your "Watch Area" (should not exceed 20 homes).
  • How to get a "Neighborhood Watch" sign.
  • Paint your home address on the CURB
    Neighborhood Watch curb paint
  • If you have alley or easement access, paint on your back wall also.
  • Print out this block mapPDF File and complete with names, addresses and phone numbers.

Then call Becky Noels of Tucson Police Department at 791-4806, Ext. 1019 to set up a meeting with neighbors (an annual meeting is mandatory).  If you wish, TPD will evaluate your home for security recommendations.  Once this work is complete TPD will install "Neighborhood Watch" signs in your area.

Neighborhood Watch News

Block Captains north of 6th Street report to Amy Bosco (

Click here for minutes of the November 10, 2008 meeting on Sam Hughes Neighborhood crime issues. For a comparison of security systems click here.

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