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Sam Hughes Neighborhood Association, Tucson, Arizona

Monthly Meeting of the SHNA

The April meeting of the Sam Hughes Neighborhood Association is scheduled to be held April 21, 2020 at 7:00 PM. There are uncertainities regarding location and whether it will be public, so please watch for further details. The board may again meet virtually, and in that event will make minutes available. 

PLEASE NOTE: Unless otherwise announced, Board Meetings are held the 3rd Tuesday of each month. Look for minutes of recent meetings on the Minutes/Agendas page.

Sam Hughes Maps

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Sam Hughes Neighborhood Home Tour 2011

The popular Sam Hughes Neighborhood Home Tour was held on Sunday, March 13, 2011. Proceeds from the tour will go to neighborhood projects. Proceeds from the raffle will be divided among Himmel Branch Library, Literacy Volunteers of Tucson, and Tucson Alliance for Autism --- all of which were on the tour. We featured homes, gardens, art studios, new businesses, and other points of interest that reflect the nature of our historic neighborhood. 2011 Home Tour Coming Soon! The Sam Hughes Neighborhood Association, a National Historic District, will be presenting next year's Home Tour in March 2013.

Sam Hughes Cares for Seniors

PLEASE NOTE: Sam Hughes Cares has transitioned the "Seniors Cares program" to: If you or a senior you know needs medical transport or light housekeeping, friendly phone calls/visits, yard work, please call ICS at (520) 297-6049.

After a recent meeting at Himmel Library hosted by ICS, we can now officially cease the Sam Hughes Cares for Seniors program, which has been providing neighborly help to our seniors since November, 2006.

Thanks again to all our volunteers over the years, to our private donors, and to the Sam Hughes Neighborhood Association for funding and moral support.

Special appreciation to the five coordinators since we began this project in January, 2005:  Kay Roth (neighbor paid through a United Way grant), Phil Mueller, MJ Talbot, Carolyn Classen, and Trudy Mills – the last four were all volunteer neighbors, dedicated to helping the elderly in Sam Hughes.  Trudy Mills deserved special recognition for her coordination for over 2 years.

And thanks to Pima Council on Aging and their Neighbors Care Alliance program which provided technical assistance in overseeing all the other twenty or so similar programs throughout Pima County.

If you or a senior you know needs medical transport or other help (light housekeeping, friendly phone calls/visits, yard work), please call ICS at 297-2738 X 206. Also see their website,  And if you want to volunteer for ICS, please contact them as well as they do the volunteer training, and hopefully may be able to  assign you to an elderly person(s) in our neighborhood.

Preventing Conflicts Between Dogs and Javelina

Coyotes are natural predators of young javelina. Javelina do not distinguish between dogs and coyotes and therefore perceive all dogs as potential predators, regardless of their size, and will react defensively, even if a dog has made no move to chase them.

Javelina do not see well, (myopic-near-sighted) but they have a keen sense of smell. When javelina detect a potential threat, they may react by retreating, bristling up, clacking their teeth, bluff charging, chasing, and rarely biting. Javelina may chase dogs until they perceive the threat has diminished.

Sam Hughes Javelina
Javelinas at 3rd and Olsen, taken 9-4-2010
by Alex Cook.

When walking dogs, people should always keep them on a short leash so they can be easily controlled because most bites to dogs occur when the dogs are able to reach the javelina. Residents should be vigilant when walking their dogs, so they can detect any javelina as soon as possible and avoid an encounter. The best thing to do is to turn around and walk in the opposite direction. People can also pick up small dogs and walk in the opposite direction of the javelina.

Wildlife often seek out dense low-growing vegetation to bed down in. If people are walking past yards that may conceal the javelina, they should cross to the other side of the street as they approach. If people come upon the javelina unexpectedly, they can yell, stomp their feet, clap their hands, and generally make a lot of noise. The idea is to scare the javelina, and leave the area. A squirt gun filled with lemon juice, vinegar, or a solution of 1 part household ammonia to 9 parts water can serve as an effective repellant.

Sam Hughes Javelina

If javelina are in close proximity and are not retreating, people can hold a walking stick between their dogs and the javelina. Running away from the javelina is not the best idea, as people may trip and injure themselves in a fall.

Locana de Souza
Urban Wildlife Specialist
Arizona Game & Fish Department
555 N. Greasewood Road Tucson, AZ 85745

Quality of Life Survey

by Gabriela Head and Tania Capin.

Crime reduction, prevention efforts, and connecting with neighbors are just some of the things that Sam Hughes residents perceive as important in maintaining a good quality of life in our neighborhood, according to data reported in the Sam Hughes Neighborhood Quality of Life Survey.

Click here PDF File to read the 46-page report compiled by two Sam Hughes residents which outlines research findings, a situation analysis and recommendations on how to foster more social connectedness within the neighborhood. Click here PDF File for a summary and survey facts.

(Editor's note: There was a presentation of the survey on October 28, 2009 from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM at the Hardesty Midtown Conference Room.

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