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Sam Hughes Neighborhood Association, Tucson, Arizona

Monthly Meeting of the SHNA

The next monthly meeting of the Sam Hughes Neighborhood Association will be held March 19, 2019 at 7:00 PM at the Himmel Park Library. 

PLEASE NOTE: Unless otherwise announced, Board Meetings are held the 3rd Tuesday of each month. Look for minutes of recent meetings on the Minutes/Agendas page.

Sam Hughes Maps

February 23rd, 2019

2019 Sam Hughes Neighborhood Home Tour - Set for Sunday, March 31

The Sam Hughes Home and Neighborhood Tour is set for noon to 5pm on Sunday, March 31. This self-guided tour, held every other spring, is the major fundraiser for the largest historic neighborhood in Tucson. This year's tour consists of 21 venues, 11 of which are private homes. In addition to music and art, you will be able to sample the fare or enjoy refreshments in some of our new eateries and businesses, and also see plans for three new developments. Our last tour sold out, so we don't recommend waiting until the last minute.

The Sam Hughes neighborhood is one-square mile east of and adjacent to the University of Arizona. Street parking is plentiful. The ticket/brochure, which includes descriptions of all venues and a map, is $30.* There are three options for purchase:

1) By credit card on this page (see below). You must pick up your ticket/brochure (which includes map) in the parking lot just west of Himmel Park Library (1035 N. Treat Ave.) 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on the day of the tour.

2) By credit card or cash/check at Arte de la Vida (37 N. Tucson Blvd. --- open M-Sat. 10-5)  At this location, for sale only from March 15 to March 30.

3) By credit card or cash/check in the north-side parking lot of Himmel Park on the day of the tour from 10 am. to 3 p.m.

*Tickets are $20 for current Sam Hughes Neighborhood Association members using options 2 and 3 (two per household). See below for membership application.


Number of Tickets



Photo credit Dan Chavez



SHNA memberships renew on January 1st

All SHNA memberships are due for renewal on January 1st. You can renew by:
1- Mailing a check for $20 to
SHNA or Sam Hughes Neighborhood Association
c/o Membership
PO Box 42931
Tucson, AZ 85733
2- Or by Paying online with your credit or debit card.

SHNA renewal postcard

Brush and Bulky

The next Brush and Bulky pick up for the Sam Hughes neighborhood will be the week of January 21, 2019. Go here: for more information from the City of Tucson.


Here are links for making your tax-free donation:


Make sure under "Donation Type" you pick "Himmel Park Project" or "Himmel Park Ramada".

U of A Football Returns

And this year alcohol will be legally available for the first time. Just in case, there is a new UA Neighborhood Hotline – 520-282-3649 - to report any problems associated with the football games (i.e. trash, rowdy behavior, etc.)

2017 Sam Hughes Neighborhood Home Tour

The Sam Hughes Home and Neighborhood Tour was held Sunday, April 9, 2017. This popular walking tour of a midtown historic neighborhood contiguous to the University of Arizona has been conducted approximately every other year for decades.

This year's tour featured 10 residences and gardens, music and art, a lecture by Senator Steve Farley about Mid-Century Modern homes here in Tucson, new and/or interesting businesses, and other points of interest in the one square mile historic neighborhood bordered by Campbell Ave. and Country Club Road and Speedway Blvd. and Broadway Blvd.

Photo by Dan Chavez Photography

2-Way Radios for Sam Hughes Elementary

Good neighbor and SHNA board member Len Nicholson presented four Motorola radios to Sam Hughes Elementary School Principal Kathryn Bolasky in September. Len researched the needs of the school, provided a couple of radios as a trial, and arranged for the purchase of the four radios on behalf of the SHNA.

Water Tower Renovation

After years of planning and fundraising the first stage of renovating the water tower across from Himmel Park is complete. For more (and bigger and better) before and after pictures click here.

Himmel Park Revitalization Campaign

Friends of Himmel Park needs your help now!  Trees in the park keep falling and dying and the City has limited funds to replace them.  More than a dozen mature shade trees have been lost in the past two years—five alone went down in the first monsoon of the summer.  With them has gone precious shade and the unique beauty of one of Tucson's oldest, most beloved parks.

For more information, including how to donate, click here.

The Sam Hughes Neighborhood Association - 2016 Garden Tour was held April 10th

Are there Gardens and Outdoor Spaces in our neighborhood that intrigue you? This was your chance to bring a friend, walk our lovely historic neighborhood and get an intimate look at unique gardens in the Sam Hughes Historic Neighborhood.

It was a two mile round trip walk through 8 private residences, 2 public properties, a demonstration site for the "first in the nation" neighborhood phenology trail and the Children's Gardens at Sam Hughes Elementary School.

The GARDEN TOUR began at Sam Hughes Elementary School, the heart of our vibrant community. Ticket sales benefited the Sam Hughes Neighborhood Association.  To volunteer for future tours or to ask questions, please click here to contact us.

Thanks to sponsor Ethos Rainwater Harvesting
(520) 369-2376
PO Box 4146, Tucson, AZ 85717

Serving Tucson and the surrounding areas with high-quality Rainwater Harvesting Systems. Ethos offers design, consultation, and installation services. Tucson Water will REBATE qualifying residential Rainwater Harvesting System costs up to $2,000 and Greywater Systems up to $1,000.

Thanks also to sponsor Jeffrey Trent
(520) 256-7780
7739 E. Broadway Blvd #281 Tucson, AZ 85710

Welcome to the Spring 2016 Sam Hughes Neighborhood Garden Tour! I've designed award-winning Tucson gardens for over twenty years, in Sam Hughes and throughout the city. You may have seen my work on the Tucson Botanical Gardens Spring Tour of Home Gardens, the Innovative Homes Tour, or in publications including Sunset Magazine and Tucson Lifestyles. I was at 2002 E. 3rd Street the day of the tour, where homeowners Ashley Langer, Asaf Plan and I created a totally new garden look for a unique mid-century modern home.

2016 Annual Meeting

Another great turnout at the SHNA Annual Meeting on the 19th ! The evening started with music from the Tucson High Orchestra along with Mediterranean food from Sinbad's and pizza from Grimaldi's. Later architect Brian Rumsey and Jennifer Levstik from the City of Tucson presented plans to expand eligibility of neighborhood houses to qualify for historic property tax credits.

Additionally Jennifer and SHNA president Rick Bell talked about long-anticipated plans to renovate the water tower across from Himmel Park. After too many years everything is in place now for construction to begin this month!

Many thanks to food contributors Sinbad's and Grimaldi's, the Tucson High Orchestra, and our host Sam Hughes Elementary School principal Janet Jordan.

The Sam Hughes Phenology Trail

By LoriAnne Barnett

The USA National Phenology Network (USA-NPN) has partnered with the Sam Hughes Neighborhood Association to create a "first in the nation" neighborhood phenology walk.

Phenology, the study of the timing of plant and animal life cycles, has a local and global impact. As environmental conditions shift, these life cycle events shift as well.  This Sam Hughes Neighborhood Association walk is one of 19 in the greater Tucson area, as a part of the Tucson Phenology Trail. 

Making regular observations along the phenology trail demonstrates how plants and animals respond to seasonal and long term changes.  These observations will be compared to others made at the 19 sites, and will be used to answer scientific research questions about mesquite bean harvest, bloom times of certain plants, arrival of pollinators, and the influence of the urban heat island upon the ecosystem.   Participation in the walk will provide you an example of what to look for on the phenology trail, as well as information about how to participate on a long term basis.

Additionally, the historic Sam Hughes Elementary School has added several sites for students to monitor the plants and animals in their school yard. For information on the full Tucson Phenology Trail, and a map of participating location in the Sam Hughes Neighborhood, visit the USA-NPN's website:

LoriAnne Barnett
Education Coordinator | USA National Phenology Network | Nature's Notebook
National Coordinating Office
University of Arizona | 1311 E 4th Street, Suite 325, Tucson AZ 85721
Phone: (520) 621-1803 | Email: lorianne [at] usanpn dot org

The 2015 Sam Hughes Neighborhood Home Tour

The 2015 Sam Hughes Home and Neighborhood was a roaring success, selling over 900 tickets and raising over $17,000 for neighborhood projects.  This popular self-guided tour of the one square mile historic neighborhood is conducted every odd-numbered spring (probably in April).  Look for us again in 2017.

Please read about past tours to get a sense of what this exciting event is all about.

A portion of the funds raised will benefit the Himmel Park Beautification Project.  To learn more about this ongoing project, please see himmel-park-beautification.  And for even more information see this KGUN Channel 9 video and this Arizona Daily Star article.  Stay tuned to this website as news develops about the 2017 tour.

Upcoming Events

SHNA 2015 Annual Membership Meeting

The 2015 Annual Membership Meeting of the Sam Hughes Neighborhood Association was held January 20th at Sam Hughes Elementary. The Tucson High Magnet School Orchestra performed early in the evening in Tallmadge Hall. Neighborhood businesses Allegro Gelato, Grimaldi's Pizza, and Bob Dobbs provided food.

City of Tucson Project Manager Jennifer Toothaker Burdick gave an update and answered questions on the Broadway Corridor transportation work.

The Neighborhood Home Tour committee spoke about the upcoming April 12th Home Tour. Denice Blake of the Home Tour committee and the Himmel Park Beautification Project updated the neighborhood on plans for improvements to the Park library corner.

Current board member and past SHNA president John O'Dowd was presented with a plaque in recognition of his decades of tireless service to the neighborhood. John's dedication to the neighborhood is unparalleled and is an inspiration to all.

Thanks to all attending neighbors and to all those who spoke or contributed in any way. And thanks again to the THMS Orchestra and to the businesses providing refreshments.

Liquor License Protests

Our state Legislature is in the process of altering the right of the public to protest the granting of a liquor license before the State Liquor Board.

Currently, any individual who resides in or owns or leases property within a mile radius of a location of a pending liquor license application, has the right to protest before the State Liquor Board. The draft legislation would severely limit that right by requiring the person wishing to protest to obtain support from 5% of the persons who reside, own or lease property within a one-mile radius of the proposed location.

This proposed legislation (House Bill 2359) has already made it out of one committee, and if it is allowed to become law, it will have the effect of reducing the democratic process, particularly for those neighborhoods that don't have a Neighborhood Association, are lower income or have a high number of rentals.

You will find a draft of the proposed legislation attached to this email, along with a brief overview. Look for the text that is in blue to see the proposed language.

If you are concerned about losing your rights, as a citizen of this state, to petition government, please contact your elected representative. You can find that contact information at the following link.

Thank you for caring about the future of our democracy.

Colette Altaffer
Neighborhood Infill Coalition

20 Story Building proposed for Speedway & Campbell

There was a presentation and Q&A by developer representatives at the SHNA Board Meeting on August 19, 2014.

Click below for Pdf documents.

PDF FileJune 19th Meeting Notes

PDF FileProposal to Planning Commission 07/16/14

PDF FileSpeedway/Campbell Overview 07/30/14

PDF FileSpeedway/Campbell Request to Amend UAP 07/30/14

PDF FileSpeedway/Campbell Proposed Plan-Images 07/30/14

PDF FileSpeedway/Campbell 7/31/14 Meeting Notes

PDF FileSpeedway/Campbell Meeting by Palm Shadows Developer 08/14/14

PDF FileInformation and Concerns of the SHNA Board of Directors 08/18/15

Major neighborhoods approved for repair.

Tucson streets fixed
Click for larger picture. Click to download Pdf PDF File file.

Major Streets approved for repair in Tucson

Tucson Historic Preservation Award 2014

Tucson Historic Perservation Award to Mary Durham-Pflibsen

Congratulations to Mary Durham-Pflibsen, Recipient of a 2014 Tucson-Pima County Historical Commission Awards. Mary was awarded a Historic Preservation Award for her work on the Citizen Task Force of the Broadway Corridor Project.

Himmel Park Beautification Project 2014

This is a project initiated by three residents of the Sam Hughes midtown neighborhood: Denice Blake, Betty Guarraia, and Susan Peters. In an effort to meet our objective to spend a small amount of the resources from the biennual home tour, we first came up with four guiding principles that would ultimately benefit midtown neighborhoods: high visibility, aesthetic appeal, education, and collaboration. To meet those objectives, we have selected Himmel Park Library for external beautification.

Why this project?

The library is a brick structure that anchors the popular midtown Himmel Park.  The building itself has very recently undergone interior remodeling.  The 52-year old library, the oldest branch in the Pima County Library System, is extremely well-used at approximately 25,000 door entries per month.  The library sits on a corner with all four sides visible from two streets. See the rest of the Himmel Park Beautification story.

A Garden Tour through Sam Hughes National Historic District Sunday, April 6, 2014.

The Garden Tour was a self-guided walking tour (approximately a two mile loop to visit all sites on foot). The Sam Hughes neighborhood is bounded by Speedway/Country Club/Broadway/Campbell. The neighborhood is named after Sam Hughes Elementary School, a historic property built in the Spanish Eclectic Style. The neighborhood school still serves as the heart of this vibrant historic community.

Proceeds from the tour benefit the endeavors of the Sam Hughes Neighborhood Association. The tour featured 7 private residences, 2 public properties, and a demonstration site for the Sam Hughes Neighborhood "first in the nation" neighborhood phenology trail. Phenology is the study of the timing of plant and animal life cycles.

The garden tour's title sponsors, Solar Solution AZ, LLC, 520-471-1866 and Oasis Water Harvesting, 520-234-7681, were available during the garden tour to answer all of your solar energy and rain water harvesting questions. The gardens and outdoor spaces featured a variety of elements including water harvesting, solar, water features, xeriscape, hardscape, a backyard chicken coop, raised beds, a certified wildlife habitat garden, a hummingbird garden, gazing balls, outdoor cooking areas, and use of color, sculptures, and recycled materials.

Sam Hughes Neighborhood Association Members attended free of charge!

Sincere appreciation to the homeowners who so graciously opened their gardens and to our sponsors:Solar Solution AZ, LLC and Oasis Water Harvesting. Also the volunteers who gave their energy and time, Sam Hughes Elementary School Principal Janet Jordan, supporting donor Rosati's Pizza, and the Sam Hughes Neighborhood Association.

2014's Annual Event was a Huge Success!

The Sam Hughes Neighborhood Association says THANK YOU MEMBERS for your support.

The Sam Hughes Neighborhood Association says THANK YOU to the following Deals and Discounts participants for their participation in this year's annual event.

Baskin Robbins
2648 E Speedway Blvd
Tucson, AZ 85716
(520) 327-6451

The FiX Az's Mac n Chz
943 E. University Blvd. #115
Tucson, AZ 85719

The Sam Hughes Neighborhood Association says "THANK YOU" to the Tucson High Magnet School Orchestra and their director Cayce Miners. Download their Pdf file PDF File , then make a tax-credit donation to Tucson High Orchestra. They appreciate every dollar!

We hope you had fun and we look forward to seeing you soon!

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