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SHNA Board of Directors Minutes

October 19, 2004, Himmel Library Meeting Room

Present: Leon Bear, Janet Carbajal, Carolyn Classen, Doug Donahue, John O’Dowd, Frank Soltys, Laddie Stewart-Hall, John Wilder

Absent: Skip Andree, Janys Neill, Gail Schuessler, Rick Stertz

Guests: Kim Huxman, Joe Watkins, Peter McNellis, Tony & Lynne Urias, Mary Cuddihy, Lori Stratton, Tom Powers, Jane & Roger Beckstod, Michael Guymon/Ward VI


1.                  City of Tucson DOT: Trace Tang, Matt Zoll, Richard Nassi re Tucson Blvd./3rd St.

2.                  Lisa MacFarlane re proposed DMAFB zoning overlay amendment

Meeting called to order at 7:02 p.m. by O’Dowd.

Nassi presented the following proposals for the Tucson Blvd./3rd St. intersection: Flashing light (Hawk), similar to Speedway/Treat: cost $80,000 (TUSD would pay half, remaining funds could be obtained through a variety of grants);  TOCAN (2 can cross) design , similar to 3rd & Country Club: cost $300,000. Disadvantages of TOCAN are 1) not accessible to emergency vehicles; 2) would limit off-street parking. The cross walk death of Jane Hansen on 10/17/04 has escalated the urgency for action. Suggestions from the audience: temporarily put up stop signs; traffic light with button for pedestrians and bicyclists; yellow flashing light ahead of intersection; no turn signs on pavement on 3rd. Nassi suggested a committee be formed to meet with City and Ward 6 by the end of the week to get an analysis started and consider these suggestions. Guymon will ask for police assistance at the intersection on Halloween.

Minutes of the 9/21/04 meeting as corrected and the agenda were accepted.

President’s Report: A group will meet on 10/21 at O’Dowd’s home to study the concept for the Sam Hughes School Activities Bldg. prepared by hired architects.

Treasurer’s Report as of 9/30/04:

            Regular shares               61.91

            Checking account        1,044.90

            Money Market account            20,376.52

            TOTAL                      $21,483.33

Call to the Audience:

1.                  L.A. Fitness flyer distribution: Guymon is investigating 1) did California representatives authorize it? 2) what can they do so this doesn’t happen again?

2.                  Is SHNA involved in Himmel Park facilities? Laddie & Kim Huxman will discuss; suggestion that Vytas Sakalas be contacted to serve on the Parks Committee.

3.                  City sued by ACLU to have red tag ordinance removed, alleging civil rights violated since violators are tagged without notice. Carolyn will monitor.

Lisa MacFarlane discussed the proposed adoption of the LUC amendment, or zoning overlay change, expanding the high noise zone around DMAFB. The State has passed legislation that mandates that the City pass the ordinance; however, the Planning Commission has recommended that the City Council postpone the passing until 12/05 to allow for an environmental impact study. Adverse effects mentioned were effect on property values, fuel exhaust, safety, no compensation to homeowners from city, state or military. She suggested that SHNA, as an adjacent neighborhood, should consider responding by calling hot line, petitions, or correspondence to Ronstadt by 10/25/04 when the City Council will be considering the amendment.

Committee Reports:

1.                  CCRC: Frank reported on Walter Telles’ speech about overbuilding in the UA area, stating it was very unlikely down-zoning will occur, that Jefferson Park is working with Ward 3 , code overlays not going to happen. Conclusion: re-zoning will persist, code amendments unlikely. It was suggested that Frank talk to the University Foundation about concerns.

2.                    Historic Preservation: Re water tower, O’Dowd circulated the La Pilita Assn. newsletter, detailing their successful grant activity. Laddie is contacting an architect who has grant experience. Tom Powers volunteered to work on this committee.

3.                  Zoning: Carolyn reported that:

A.                Janys and she applied for a $9,000 United Way grant to be used for “Neighbors Care Alliance”, involving outreach by homeowners associations and faith communities. Should hear by 12/13/04.

B.                 City rewriting the Land Use Code: off the agenda for now.

C.                DMAFB ordinance: amendment would enlarge zone and expand approach and departure zones. 80% of flights are to the southeast. New structures in the zone would have sound attenuation issues. Motion by Laddie, seconded by Doug, that Carolyn draft a letter to the City Council, stating our objection to the proposed land use code amendment. Passed. A petition was also circulated among the Board.

D.                Sam Hughes School Activities Bldg.: TUSD moving ahead with original plan. Discussion followed about no standing to appeal SHPO decision, possible district court special action (totally discretionary) that addition is going to adversely affect school’s historic designation; possibility that our architects’ concept might be accepted.  Tom Powers, Lori Stratton and Peter McNellis, Sam Hughes School Cite Council representatives, advised they had discussed their suggestions with TUSD architects. Present schedule is to advertise on 11/9, put out to bid on 12/1, with approval 12/14/04. O’Dowd expressed concern that SHNA’s and their activities might be counter-productive and invited them to the 10/21 meeting re the proposed concept.

4.                  Traffic:

A.                Mackey Building development: Doug has formed a committee proposed by Skip (Joan Johnson, Janet, Stertz).

B.                 Country Club & 3rd: Doug will contact Mike to arrange a meeting. Kim Huxman, Tom Powers and Lynne Urias volunteered to serve on this committee.

Meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.

Minutes prepared by Maxine Fifer, Tucson Office Professionals, 5102 E. Pima, 325-7721,