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SHNA Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

February 17, 2004 7:00-9:15 p.m., Himmel Park Library Meeting Room

Present: Mary Zulli, Leon Bear, John ODowd, Janys Neill, Frank Soltys, John Schwarz, Gail Schuessler, Skip Andree, Carolyn Classen, Doug Donahue, Laddie Stewart-Hall, John Wilder.

Absent: Elizabeth Parker

Guests: Michael Guymon/Ward VI, Randy Downer, Sherry Medina & Denice Blake, Madelyn Cook, Vytas Sakalas

Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Zulli, who called for nominations for president. Frank Soltys and John ODowd were nominated and ODowd was elected by the Board, Neill abstaining. The meeting from that point was chaired by ODowd.

Leon Bear was nominated for treasurer and unanimously elected. The group then gave short bios regarding their SHNA connections.

Frank Soltys was nominated as vice president and unanimously elected.

Motion by Bear, seconded by Soltys deferring the selection of a secretary. Motion passed.

CCRC Representative: Janys Neill stated she had not resigned that position, but a review of the CCRs indicated that as of this meeting the position was open. Neill and Soltys were nominated. Classen moved, Schwarz seconded, that nominations be closed. Motion carried. Following discussion about pros and cons of dual representation, motion made by Schwarz, seconded by Wilder that Soltys and Neill serve as dual delegates. Motion failed. Soltys was subsequently selected as representative and Neill as alternate.

Neill requested that the record show her observation the last 6 months of pretentiousness and divisiveness of the board and her exclusion from conversations regarding board related activities, that the argument of CCRC dual representation was absurd. She expressed the hope that the board would move forward in 2004 committed to the community and not personal agendas. She stated that from conversations with SHNA homeowners a lot of voices are not being heard and she will take every step to bring those issues to the table.

Carolyn Classen was selected as zoning chair.

Laddie Stewart-Hall was selected as historic preservation/parks & rec chair. Gail Schuessler volunteered to be parks & rec alternate.

Skip Andree was selected as traffic chair.

Committee reports:

1.                  Zoning: Classen announced her committee: Randy & Wallis Downer, Brad Moore, Elizabeth Parker, Dottie Daniel & Paul Mackey. See Old Business #2 for further report.

2.                  Historic Preservation: Stewart-Hall will continue water tower restoration plans initiated by John Blackwell.

Old Business:

1.                  Home Tour: Sherry Medina & Denice Blake recommended that the tour be postponed until 2005 because of conflicts with other tours on April 18th and the loss of homes previously confirmed due to changes of dates. Blake had discussed with John Blackwell whether the delay in pledged financial support to historic preservation would impede the plans to move forward on the water tower restoration and it was confirmed that postponement of the tour would not hinder ongoing activities. Motion by Soltys, seconded by Stewart-Hall that the tour be postponed until 2005. The board commended the ladies for their hard work in attempting to arrange the tour this year.

2.                  Sam Hughes School Activity Building: Classen displayed the plans, had talked to Doug Huie, Project Manager, TUSD Engineer Jose Reales, Frank Mascias, PTA President Mundiger and Principal DeCesari. She also had received proposed correspondence from Michael Crawford, Attorney for the Downers. ODowd had sent a letter to Marcus Jones regarding the historic capacity of the new structure but had not received a response. Randy Downer obtain a list of schools having new structures so that Skip Andree can take pictures. Motion made by Classen, seconded by Stewart-Hall, that a meeting be arranged with all the players and the Board regarding numerous concerns. Motion carried. Tentative dates are March 2, 3 or 9, place and time to be arranged by Classen.

3.                  Sam Hughes AC Units: Classen sought authorization regarding mitigating expense. Motion made by Donahue, seconded by Schuessler, that the board support financially the mitigation of the AC noise at Sam Hughes School, an amount to be determined once an estimate is submitted. Motion carried.

4.                  Madelyn Cook report re indexing of SHNA board minutes: Tabled until March meeting.

New Business:

1.                  Dues from Board Members: Bear to handle.

2.                  Vytas Sakalas circulation of petition re park slide, to be added to March agenda

3.                  Casey Forte, head of tennis courts may lose concession; Stewart-Hall to investigate and report

4.                  Nominations for additional board members, to be added to March agenda

Meeting adjourned at 9:15 p.m.

Minutes prepared by Maxine Fifer, Tucson Office Professionals, 5102 E. Pima, 325-7721,