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SHNA Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

March 16, 2004, Himmel Library Meeting Room

Present: Leon Bear, John O’Dowd, Elizabeth Parker, John Schwarz, Gail Schuessler, Skip Andree, Carolyn Classen, Laddie Stewart-Hall, John Wilder.

Absent: Doug Donahue, Janys Neill, Frank Soltys.

Guests: Michael Guymon/Ward VI, Randy Downer, Wallis Downer, Rob Dvorak, Brad Moore, John Blackwell, Madelyn Cook, 

Meeting called to order at 7:05 p.m. by O’Dowd.

Minutes of the 2/17/04 meeting and the agenda were accepted.

President’s Report: O’Dowd reported on various board member activities and events since 2/17/04, including:

1.                  Parker to help with the website (look at Menlo Park website)

2.                  Bear conferring with CPA re 501-C-3 status (may need to amend articles or start separate SHNA foundation)

3.                  Classen’s attendance of the zoning planning meeting to get historical capacity. New group of neighborhood leaders reviewing amendments of land use code (has handouts of reviews of proposed changes).

4.                  Discussion with Brooks Jeffries re historic neighborhoods (has copies of design criteria for historic neighborhoods)

5.                  Long-time resident Jules Rodeck passed on

Treasurer’s Report as of 2/29/04:

            Regular shares               61.60

            Checking account        922.87

            Money Market account            14,260.69

            TOTAL                      $15,245.16

            Bear mentioned that the bank balance is going down—major expenses were attorney’s fees re 6th &             Campbell development and water tower architectural fees.

Call to the Audience:

            Downers reported that the new mitigating wall has diverted the noise to other areas of neighboring             homes. Guymon and he will get a decibel meter to obtain additional information about this issue.


1.                  Indexing SHNA Board Minutes: Madelyn Cook distributed handouts of Missing Minutes, Intro to Index and Sample of pages. She is deferring payment until 400 pages have been indexed (presently at 311). She recommends that fireproof storage in an archival office is essential to protect archival papers. Guymon mentioned that space might be available since Ward 6 is moving into a new building.

2.                  CCRC:Written report dated 3/11/04 submitted by Soltys.

3.                  Historic Preservation: Stewart-Hall

A.                Invited John Blackwell to summarize the water tower restoration situation. Blackwell has a draft of the lease the water company is giving to the Mayor & Council. The architect’s bid came in at $105-118,000. Present funds include Southwest Foundation gift of $10,000, $13,000 from the 2002 Home Tour, $3,750 which had been budgeted for the historic signs, and $5,000 from Ronstadt’s office. He recommended that grant writing be postponed since SHNA cannot apply for large grants until matching funds are available. Board members suggested that a membership committee be formed. If membership was increased 1,000 and solicited for $10 each, $10,000 could be raised.

B.                 Stewart-Hall attended a Land Use Code meeting with Brooks Jeffries and City Attorney Michael McCrory. This was a coalition of historic neighborhoods to gain more clout. SHNA has national historic status, City historic guidelines more stringent. Marty McCuen has architect surveys done at 6th & Campbell, but was very defensive (she is sending the study to O’Dowd). She will contact other national historic districts for representation. She recommended that anything designated be kept separately.

4.                  Zoning: Classen

A.                Re: AC problem: Learned that a 4’ mitigating wall had been erected on the north and east side of the school building at a cost of $1,966. Motion made to authorize Classen to spend up to $600 in contacting working architects to do further tests, the results to be evaluated by the board. Motion failed.

B.                 Re SH School Activity Building: Meeting 3/9 with Jody Gibbs and Brooks Jeffries. Andree’s photos of other activity centers submitted. New plan shows AC units on ramada roof. City Historic Preservation Commission is going to review new plan on 3/25. Rumors are staff has already okayed it. O’Dowd suggested that committee get a panel of 3-4 architects to look at the plans, with a $100 stipend each, to make recommendations. Downer offered a $400 honorarium. Official plans have the sloped roof. Downer’s attorney had received a letter from the Attorney General stating, “unaware of any statutory requirement for Arizona school facilities board to seek a community’s input before deciding on a school’s location or appearance.”

C.                Re: Sale of the church at 3035 E. 5th Street, which could be rezoned R2 or R3. She is in contact with realtor Richard Kleiner who is marketing the property.

5.                  Traffic: Written report dated 3/16/04 submitted by Andree. A 3/1 public hearing to suggest fee increases to cover Tucson Park Wise $63,000 deficit was discussed. It was suggested that the parking fine be increased from $25 to $150. It would seem reasonable to raise the fee to approx. $12 ($2.50 since 1983), increasing to $36 by 2008. Schwarz recommended that SHNA try to get U of A to budget; if not, will bring football games. City takes 12.5%, will they take less? Soltys suggested that the U of A help with funds. Committee member Donahue will be working on the Tucson & 3rd traffic light issue.

Old Business:

1.                  Newsletter: Tres English, Assn. Managers and Tucson Office Professionals have been contacted to submit bids.

2.                  Corresponding Secretary Position: Schuessler and Parker have consented to jointly serve.

New Business:

1.                  Nominations for additional board members: Motion by Stewart-Hall  moved, seconded by Bear, that Janet Carbajal be elected to the board, subject to her consent. Motion carried.

2.                  Andree reported a resident’s complaint about trash bin pickup in front due to unsafe alley (4th & 5th, Norris & Campbell). He will call City hotline to find out why City doesn’t enforce the rules.

Meeting adjourned at 9:15 p.m.

Minutes prepared by Maxine Fifer, Tucson Office Professionals, 5102 E. Pima, 325-7721,