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SHNA Board of Directors SPECIAL MEETING Minutes

April 13, 2004, Himmel Library Meeting Room

Present: Doug Donahue, John O’Dowd, Gail Schuessler, Skip Andree, Carolyn Classen, Laddie Stewart-Hall, John Wilder.

Absent: Leon Bear, Janet Carbajal, Janys Neill, Elizabeth Parker, John Schwarz, Frank Soltys.

Guests:   Architect Jody Gibbs, Albrecht Classen, Randy Downer, Wallis Downer, Brad Moore

Meeting called to order at 7:05 p.m. by O’Dowd. The sole purpose of the special meeting was to consider input from the hired professional architectural committee, consisting of Jody Gibbs, R. Brooks Jeffery and Bob Vint,(PAC) regarding the proposed Sam Hughes School Activity Building and to decide on a plan of action.

Classen reported the PAC met on 3/31/04. On 4/8/04 she attended a Plans Review Subcommittee Pima Co.-Tucson Historical Preservation Commission meeting (courtesy review), also attended by Wallace Downer, Marcus Jones, Doug Huie and Frank Mascia. It was voted to recommend approval of the activity center but to recommend a slanting gray tile roof on the ramada portion. TUSD was to investigate compressor blankets to reduce the AC noise. When asked if the SHNA board had voted, she responded “no”, stating the board had serious concerns about the historic nature of the proposed building.

Jody Gibbs then presented:1) PAC review dated 4/13/04, based upon the criteria for compatible new construction as outlined in the City of Tucson Historic Planning Department, Historic Preservation Zone Development Standards; 2) City of Tucson Land Use Code Sec.; 3) photographs of all views of existing structures; 4) sketch showing height non-compatibility. The review outlined non-compatibility of key development criteria--height, setbacks, proportion, roof type, surface texture, site utilization (courtyard building in the middle of the block), projections/recessions, details, building form, rhythm, color--and recommendations were suggested. He explained that the school is a landmark building on the National Register and that compatibility is a cultural value. He didn’t think TUSD realizes that the school is a gem. The architectural work (Art Brown, Roy Place) is an architectural artifact. Do the school board, administrators or Sam Hughes neighborhood share the values?

The question was raised, how can we justify variations? Answer: Have their people go through the criteria, have them get architects. Inquire what years things were done, how long is portable going to be there, ask for a schematic design, a Master Plan, compare from Carrillo, Jefferson Park, Mansfeld examples. When written responses are received, respond by saying the board will consult PAC.

O’Dowd explained the educational finance law, dollar deferment to next budget (after July 1st). The board then considered a proposed letter authored by John Messina, after which Motion was made by Andree, seconded by Stewart-Hall that the Board adopt a resolution for specific concerns as outlined in PAC’S 4/13/04 “Sam Hughes Elementary School Proposed Activity Building Professional Review of Design Compatibility”. Motion carried. The letter (to be edited and circulated to the Board by Classen), along with the 4/13/04 PAC review, will be directed to the TUSD School Board, with copies to the project manager, school superintendent, Ronstadt’s office and the news media.

Meeting adjourned at 8:40 p.m.

Minutes prepared by Maxine Fifer, Tucson Office Professionals, 5102 E. Pima, 325-7721,