SHNA Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

April 20, 2004, Himmel Library Meeting Room

Present: Frank Soltys, Leon Bear, Gail Schuessler, Elizabeth Parker, John Schwarz,Skip Andree, Carolyn Classen, Laddie Stewart-Hall, John Wilder, Janys Neill, Janete Carhajal, Doug Donahue .

Absent: John O’Dowd, Maxine Fifer.

Guests: Dave Berry, Principal Mansfield Middle School, Vanessa Garrison, Regina Romero, Office of Youth Families & Neighborhood Conservation, Officer Dominic Flores, Michael Guymon/Ward VI, Randy Downer, Brad Moore.

Meeting called to order at 7:08 p.m. by Soltys.

Minutes of the 3/16/04 meeting and the agenda were accepted.

1.                  President’s Report: Due to O’Dowd’s unexpected illness, the report was waived.

2.            Dave Berry made a presentation on Mansfield Middle School.  He is looking to increase the enrollment of students who graduate from Sam Hughes Elementary School.  All are welcome to take a tour of Mansfield.  Stewart-Hall felt that Mansfield will attract more students if they raise the bar.  Vanessa Garrison, a neighborhood resident and parent of a Mansfield student, described the Arts at Mansfield.  There are four fine arts teachers.  Work is underway to raise money to upgrade the stage and sound system.  She asked that Sam Hughes Neighborhood residents consider applying their tax credit money to Mansfield.  They have formed a Mansfield Alums Society.  An article on Mansfield will be included in the next Association newsletter.

3. Treasurer’s Report as of 3/29/04:

            Regular shares                           61.25

            Checking account                    361.84

            Money Market account              13,274.66

            TOTAL                                  $13,697.75


Call to the Audience:

            Regina Romero, Program Coordinator for Office of Youth Families & Neighborhood Conservation, discussed that they are using the last of the money from the 1997 Bond.$4.9 of the $5 million is already allocated.  Additional neighborhood development monies are included in the new bond to be voted on May 18th.Neighborhoods may submit proposals for $150,000 in matching funds.   However, the criteria for ranking the proposal is based on high stress in the areas of aging infrastructure, housing, teen pregnancy and women as head of household.Romero left information on how to apply.

            Officer Flores gave a report of police reports from March 1 – March 31.  There were 241 incidents.  Concern was expressed about the increase in burglaries.Flores referred the committee to Natalie Olsen, Resource Officer who can give support on forming neighborhood watch groups.  Flores said that people should always ere on the side of calling 911.  He also said that motion lights and watch dogs are good deterrents.


1.                  CCRC:Soltys

A.     Soltys reported that in 2003 there were 500 flights/week between 6am and 10:30pm.There were only 5 complaints.The number to call to complain is 228-5091.  Janie McLaurie is the person the contact person.  With the likelihood of other bases in AZ closing Davis Monthan will be increasing the number of flights.  New planes will be flown with after burners which will be louder.  An F-16 is supposed to be only as loud as a honking horn.Schwarz commented that it is a horn that lasts for over one minute.  The Board asked Guymon if the city had a definition with regard to decibel level.Schwarz suggested that a concept of a tolerable limit drawn from the cities noise ordinance enforced as the acceptable limit.  If the limits were broken then the neighborhood should apply for federal relief in the form of double glazed windows.  The UofA Medical Center had 106 helicopter flights and 5 complaints.  They have an agreement with the neighborhoods describing the decibel level and number of flights.  Flyovers will affect the property value.  Parker suggested that the city decibel meter be set up at various locations in the neighborhood to establish a baseline from which to work in the future.  Guymon said that he would explore that idea.

2.                  Historic Preservation: Stewart-Hall

A.                Reported that she has met with Grijalva.

B.                 She questioned the status of the lease for the water tower at 1st St. and Tucson.

3.                  Zoning: Classen

A.                Reported that April 8th Pima Co. Historical Society approved the plan for the Multipurpose room at Sam Hughes Elementary School.

B.                 Classen presented the Association with a proposed letter to the Sam Hughes School Board stating that the proposed structure is not in keeping with the neighborhood’s architectural character.

C.                Randy Downer a Sam Hughes Elementary School neighbor will be measuring the noise from the air conditioners at his house.

4.                  Parks and Recreation:

A.     There was a discussion of amplified sound at Himmel Park.Reid Park is better for louder musical events.  Guymon said that there is a screening process.

5.                  Communication:  Wilder

A.     Wilder has updated the SHNA website.  He will be setting up a Yahoo.groups listserve for the board members.

New Business:

1.   Parker will check in to whether the  SHNA phone can be changed to a pager to lower the monthly cost. 

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m.

Minutes prepared by Elizabeth Parker, 2833 E. 4th St., 327-0621,