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SHNA Board of Directors Minutes

May 18, 2004, Himmel Park Library Meeting Room

Present: Skip Andree, Leon Bear, Janet Carbajal, Doug Donahue, John O’Dowd, Elizabeth Parker, John Schwarz, Frank Soltys; Laddie Stewart-Hall, John Wilder

Excused: Gail Schuessler

Absent: Carolyn Classen, Janys Neill

Guest: Wallis Downer

Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m. by O’Dowd.

Minutes of the 4/13/04 special meeting and the agenda were accepted. Minutes of the 4/20/04 meeting to be revised and circulated by Elizabeth Parker.

Treasurer’s Report as of 4/30/04:

            Regular shares               61.70

            Checking account        1,916.30

            Money Market account            21,286.52

            TOTAL                      $23,264.52

Committee Reports:

1.                  Historic Preservation: Stewart-Hall

A.                The City of Tucson Neighborhood Services notebook dated 2001 needs updating. She recommended reproducing a map (for sale) showing homeowners who have historic status, doing an update as to how to get classification for historic property tax.

B.                 Bill Collins, Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer, verified there is a state law that when public funds are used, must get approval, review of agent’s plans. She recommended sending letter to the State w/cc to TUSD “would you please advise the district of requirements to submit this to you.”Is it possible to sue the State re SH school activity building?

2.         Parks & Recreation: Stewart-Hall

A.                Water tower Letter Agreement with the City. John Thomas wants letter from the Board releasing the water tower as non-restorable. The Board discussed the plan for a water conservation demonstration garden, or letting the school use it. Stewart-Hall will discuss with Schuessler.

B.                 Blenman Neighborhood newsletter solicits donations; a possible way to generate funds for the water tower; target those who are benefiting from historic tax cut.

C.                $10,000 donation for water pump station from Diane Bret Harte. Parker volunteered to acknowledge.

2.                  Traffic: Written report dated 5/18/04 submitted by Andree, augmented as follows:

A.                Parking permits: Schwarz discussed with Chris Layton at Parkwise ways that would help reduce the fee increase (from $2.50 to $36 in 4 years). There will be an informational meeting at the U of A to try to get the University to contribute to special events. Soltys mentioned the issue is on the CCRC agenda in the fall, would like to see a budget. Need to contact Michael Guymon as to what the City can do. Andree to invite Layton to the June Board meeting.

B.                 Tucson & 3rd traffic light issue: Donahue spoke with Shelly Ginn at DOT. She will be invited to the June Board meeting.

3.                  President’s Report:

A.                O’Dowd circulated correspondence from Michael Crawford to the Attorney General regarding SH school AC and multipurpose building issues.

B.                 O’Dowd raised the issue of whether the $3,500 budgeted for signs but never billed by the City can be released for other purposes; should the City be contacted re billing? Bear will investigate, check with another association.

4.                  CCRC:Written report dated 5/11/04 submitted by Soltys. This fall one meeting will be dedicated to the parking issue; another the housing issue.

Zoning: A 5/11/04 critique/communication prepared by a 16-member committee to Mayor Walkup and City Council re broader concerns with land use code was circulated.

Old Business:

1.                  S.H. Activity Building: Discussion of further work by architect panel; what would they charge to do historically compatible design? What would the work entail?

2.                  Newsletter:  A proposal by Tucson Office Professionals (TOPS) was circulated and discussed. Parker volunteered to accept and edit articles and take responsibility for arranging City reproduction and delivery. Motion by Soltys, seconded by Wilder that TOPS be hired to typeset/finalize the newsletter at $28/hr. Motion carried. A September newsletter is planned.

New Business:

1.                  Pager: Parker reported cost would be $60/year. Motion by Parker, seconded by Soltys, that a pager be arranged, effective 8/15/04, after which the present SHNA phone can be discontinued in early September. Motion carried.

2.                  Privatization of Trash Collection:3.                  Resignation of John Schwarz:  Accepted with thanks.

Meeting adjourned at 9:15 p.m.

Minutes prepared by Maxine Fifer, Tucson Office Professionals, 5102 E. Pima, 325-7721,