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Meeting called to order by John O’Dowd @ 7:05 PM

Present:John Wilder, John O’Dowd, Frank Soltys, Skip Andree, Laddie Hall, Gail Schuessler

Guests:Rick Stertz, Debby Stertz, Randy Downer

Objective of meeting is to discuss the status of Sam Hughes School Addition.  In the discussion that ensued, the following information was shared by the group.  Frank reiterated that Marcus Jones had indicated that the District was ready to move on school construction of the activity center at Sam Hughes.  Legal counsel was contacted to see about the legality of the District proceeding with construction without contacting SHPO.Frank indicated we have appearance of more cooperation with TUSD.  Roger Pfeuffer met with our group, so we are hoping for a response and Randy Downer has expressed that hopefully the meeting with Roger P. slowed down the process.

John O’Dowd shared that he had contacted Jan Lesher @ the Governor’s office and SHPO again.As of Tuesday, August 10, 2004 SHPO had not heard anything from the State Facilities Board or TUSD officials.Discussion followed as to whether or not we should serve TUSD with intent asking them to have the plans reviewed.Rick Stertz shared that State Facilities has a master schedule of projects – we need to find out where Sam Hughes fits into this schedule.  It was moved and passed that we allow expenditure of $1,000.00 to Anthony Ching for Legal opinions.

Laddie Hall was asked to write a letter to Roger Pfeuffer reviewing our meeting with him, making a note that he had stated he would follow through making sure that TUSD had contacted SHPO, etc.  Rick Stertz offered to supply information on State Facilities and standard construction review process to Laddie for letter.  Motion to adjourn made at 7:50, discussion, adjourned at 8:52 with Skip Andree seconding motion.

Respectfully submitted,

Laddie Stewart-Hall