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Minutes of Sam Hughes Neighborhood Association

Board Meeting at

Himmel Park Library

February 15, 2005, 7:00 PM

            The meeting was called to order at 7:10 PM.

            Board members present:Frank Soltys, Rick Stertz, Leon Bear, Gail Schuessler, John Wilder, Paul Mackey, Laddie Stewart-Hall, Janet Carbajal, Doug Donahue, Roger Becksted, Wallace Downer-Joyner, Skip Andree and John O’Dowd.

            Guests in attendance were Michael Guyman/Ward 6; Madelyn Cook, records management consultant

            Minutes of the 12/21/04 Board meeting and 01/18/05 General Meeting were approved as amended. Frank moved and Skip seconded. Motion passed.

            The Agenda was accepted as presented.

            Election of officers was made:

            President -            John S. O’Dowd

            Vice-President -            Frank Soltys

            Secretary -            Rick Stertz

            Treasurer -            Leon Bear

            Call to the Audience: No one addressed the Board

            President’s Report:


            Status of the Sam Hughes School Addition:  John reported that the plans to

remodel the kitchen are flawed. The library addition will be funded by bond monies. A Resolution to be sent to Marcus Jones of TUSD states that

            “Representatives of the Sam Hughes Neighborhood Association and

               the Site Council of Sam Hughes Elementary School be involved in the selection of the Project Architects for the addition to the school kitchen, construction of the Activity room and library expansion” and

“Architects Jody Gibbs and Bob Vint serve as consultants to the selected Project Architect to redesign the kitchen addition and design the activity

            room and library expansion.”

Paul moved to approve and Skip seconded. Motion passed. The Resolution will have a cover letter.

            Treasurer’s Report as of 01/31/05:

            Regular Shares -             $      62.07

            Checking Account -            $  1,881.22

            Savings Account -            $17,440.12

            Total -------------------$19,383.43

An account has been opened for the Neighborhood Care Fund

            CCRC:  A new transportation plan is being formed. Roger will bring the Board updates. Security is to be “beefed up” for Final Four celebrations. John O’Dowd will be the official alternate for Frank Soltys.

            Home Tour: Brochure has been sent to the printer. Volunteers are needed. Kick-off party will be at the Blackwells courtesy of Rincon Market, Bob Dobbs and Teahous. Laddie suggested we tie the water tower to Tucson water issues. Laddie will continue to search for a grant writer.

            Parks and Recreation: Laddie reported that the electrified music in Himmel Park has become a problem for neighbors close by. The city is reluctant to limit the bands. The problem is on-going. Police are slow to respond. The policy of Parks & Rec is not to limit the use of parks by bands. Michael Guyman reported that the playground equipment is not safe and will be removed. There are no funds available to replace it.

            Traffic: Doug reported that the 3rd St. and Tucson Blvd crossing button will be considered March 8th by Mayor and Council. Janet reported on the Mackey Redevelopment Project. Her presentation included a conceptual plan for the area between Plumer and Norris for elderly housing with funding from HUD 202 monies. She will return to the Board for support as the proposal develops.

            Neighbors Care:The paid position with the Care program remains unfilled. John O’Dowd reported that churches outside our boundaries are or could be interested in participation.

            Archives: Madelyn Cook asked the Board to approve the purchase of a four-drawer fire-proof file cabinet to protect Sam Hughes archival records. Paul moved to authorize monies to purchase the cabinet with a cap of $700. Rick seconded. Motion passed.

            Zoning: Four issues are outstanding. The developer of Sam Hughes Place has purchased the gas station property across 6th St. He is checking the MOU to see what agreements were made with the neighborhood. Other concerns are proposals to erect second buildings on residential properties. Paul will send a letter from the Board endorsing recommendations made in the Infill Development and Tucson’s Future report writen by the Neighborhood Infill Coalition and the Drachman Institute. John reported for Carolyn on the Davis-Monthan meetings. Frank suggested we plan for an informational neighborhood meeting.

            New Business: Rick’s wife will be the new membership coordinator

            Meeting adjourned.


                                                JOHN S. O’DOWD

                                                President, SHNA, Inc.