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FINAL SHNA Board of Directors Minutes

April 19, 2005, Himmel Library Meeting Room

Present: Leon Bear, Roger Becksted, Janet Carbajal, Carolyn Classen, Doug Donahue, John O’Dowd, Wallis Downer, Paul Mackey, Frank Soltys, Rick Stertz, Laddie Stewart-Hall, John Wilder

Absent: Gail Schuessler, Skip Andree

Guests: Marilyn Hershdorfer, Peggy Lazarus, Grace Evans, Mike & PatDeVito, Debbie Stertz, Marianne Bernsen, Lauren McElroy

Meeting called to order at 7:02 p.m. by O’Dowd.

Motion by Soltys, seconded by Bear, approving the 3/15/05 minutes and accepting the Agenda (after shifting several committee reports). Passed.

Treasurer’s Report as of 4/11/05:

                Total available funds,            $28,993.19

            Available funds after deducting earmarked funds for water tower restoration, $828.16

            Motion by Bear, seconded by Stewart-Hall that a $60.53 printing bill for an enlarged copy of the DMAFB Environs Zone be paid. Passed.

Call to the Audience:

1.                  Marianne Bernsen inquired why nothing being done about the light off at Plumer & Broadway. Matter referred to Carbajal.

2.                  DeVitos concerned presented statistics about increased crime in 4th & Treat area last year and the need to have support from the Board for more police presence. It was recommended that Officer Merrill at the Midtown Substation be contacted. Donahue and Becksted to report at the next meeting.

3.                  Grace Evans inquired about procedure for speed humps at 5th & Wilson. It was suggested she contact Mark Fink.

4.                  Kay Roth, Coordinator for Sam Hughes Cares for Seniors, presented a community survey and pamphlet prepared by the steering committee. When the survey is complete, people who need help will be matched up with people who can assist (14 potential volunteers thus far).

Traffic & Security:

1.                  3rd & Tucson traffic light: project to be completed in 6 months.

2.                  Mackey Redevelopment: Catholic Community Services for Elderly interested in erecting 62 efficiency low income units (HUD 202). City would take down the building, sell property to non-profit organization who would do erection.

3.                  Transit on the Move: City & UofA trying to sell rapid transit system between Rio Neuvo and UMC. Rather than rail or bus, streetcar ($9 per running foot) is preferred. Would use sales tax to pay for our share, government to come up with $75 million. Will be put to vote in May 2006.

Historic Preservation: Stewart-Hall reported she is one-third complete in writing the grant application, has two possible donors, investigating international, corporate, local trusts and foundations. Motion by Stertz, seconded by Soltys, that up to $300 of water tower funds be spent to pay for the 3 Home Tour volunteer awards.

Public Relations: Debbie Stertz ( reported 1677 residents in the neighborhood but only 111 members. Marketing components to increase membership would include newsletter, door-to-door contacts. Wallis volunteered to assist. A Special Meeting regarding publicity will be held on 5/2/05.


1.                  Infill Coalition: Classen reported on meetings being held.

2.                  D-M Overflight: After considerable discussion, motion by Mackey, seconded by Stertz, re DMAFB airport zoning mediation that SHNA will not participate in mediation unless there is parity in membership between neighborhood associations and other participants AND the other participating neighborhoods join SHNA in excluding dwelling units from property in the Houghton area that could be used to expand the DMAFB flight zone to the south. Passed.

The remainder of the Agenda was tabled due to lack of time.

Meeting adjourned at 9:25 p.m. 

Minutes prepared by Maxine Fifer, Tucson Office Professionals, 5102 E. Pima, 325-7721,