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  SHNA Board of Directors Minutes

June 21, 2005, Himmel Library Meeting Room

Present: Skip Andree, Leon Bear, John O’Dowd, Wallis Downer, Paul Mackey, Gail Schuessler, Frank Soltys, Rick Stertz, Laddie Stewart-Hall

Absent: Roger Becksted, Janet Carbajal, Carolyn Classen, Doug Donahue, John Wilder

Guests: Debbie Stertz/Membership Chair, Kay Roth and Carol Ostrander/Sam Hughes Cares for Seniors, Marian Schwalm Furman, Anne & Alan Harman, and Melissa Cannata, Advocate/Outreach Mgr., Center Against Sexual Assault

Meeting called to order at 7:06 p.m. by O’Dowd.

The 5/17/05 minutes and the agenda were approved, as revised.

The agenda was accepted after including a possible 4th of July swim event under New Business.

Introduction of Guest speaker: Melissa provided handouts and explained the Community Education & Outreach program of the So. AZ Center Against Sexual Assault, a non-profit organization, and encouraged those present to enroll in the next crisis intervention training.

Treasurer’s Report: Regular shares $62.23, checking account $11,141.75, savings account $17,504.01 for a total of $28,707.99; unencumbered funds stand at approximately $700.

Sam Hughes Cares for Seniors: Kay reported the program is on schedule with deadlines, getting the surveys out, going door to door using quadrant captains and members who will have a training session 7/14. She met with Ann Branham from Old Ft. Lowell Neighborhood who gave her some helpful suggestions as they have a similar program. A list of the steering committee was circulated.

Traffic & Security: Skip presented his report, which included:

1)      Mackey Redevelopment Project: letter sent to the City Council, supporting the concept of application, that information would be distributed to people in the surrounding area, and recommending that the existing committee be used as a consultant and participant in the design, development and presentation to its fruition;

2)      Neighborhood Concerns: Report of attempted break-in 5/26/05 on Treat; conversation with liaison TPD Officer Mike Merrill #31914 re meeting at a future date;

3)      Broadmoor-Broadway Village Treat Walkway Transportation Enhancement Project: Tom Arnold asked for a Letter of Support regarding walkway as a pedestrian link for Sam Hughes residents. Motion by Andree, seconded by Soltys, that such a letter be prepared. Passed.

Public Relations: Debbie Stertz presented a proposed postcard encouraging membership as well as a newsletter contributions/timeline. Publication dates scheduled are 10/1, 11/1,12/1/05 and 1/1/06.


1)      DMAFB AICUZ: Representatives of DM businesses and the city meeting 6/23/05 to establish a formal mediation group, as well as a meeting of Drachman Institute 6/27. 5/27/05 correspondence from Stanley Feldman to Mayor Walkup was circulated.

2)      Church at 6th & Plumer: Developers running into obstacles about buying city-owned property. The church crosses over property lines of the 2 properties.

3)      Zoning Application Notices: Starbucks at NW corner of Campbell & Broadway; Bd. of Adjustments upheld the denial of garage addition request on 1st; Telles gave interpretation for setbacks of 4 Teufel projects. Request to overturn Telles lost 6-0.

4)      Christian Science Church Development: Developer has no plans to rezone; offer to purchase half of the property (church staying) for $1 million rejected; may subdivide into 12 residential lots; is agreeable to working out development of SHNA.

5)      Land Use Code Amendment: Height restriction element discussed.

Historic Preservation:

Stewart-Hall gave update on the Home Show awards and proposed that SHNA sponsor July 4th pool being open. Motion by R.Stertz, seconded by Soltys, that SHNA spent $190 ($100 refundable deposit) for the pool to be open from 2-4 pm, with 2 lifeguards. Passed.

Discussion/Action Item:

Motion by Soltys, seconded by Stewart-Hall, that SHNA show support for former Ward 3 City Councilman Jerry Anderson to serve on a citizens panel interviewing prospective U of A presidents. Passed.

The remainder of the Agenda was tabled due to lack of time.

Meeting adjourned at 9:15m. 

Minutes prepared by Maxine Fifer, Tucson Office Professionals, 5102 E. Pima, 325-7721,