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SHNA Board of Directors Minutes

September 20, 2005, Himmel Park Library Meeting Room

Present:Frank Soltys, Carolyn Classen, Doug Donahue, John O’Dowd, Leon Bear, Rick Stertz, Paul Mackey, Roger Becksted, Skip Andree

Absent:Gail Schuessler, Laddie Stewart-Hall, John Wilder, Wallis Downer, Janet Carbajal

Guests:Marian Schwalm, Sean Sullivan, Debbie Stertz, Kay Roth, Michael Guymon

Meeting called to order at 7:00 PM by John O’Dowd

A motion was made by Frank Soltys to approve the 7/19/2005 minutes with no changes or additions and to accept the agenda.  Second by Leon. Motion carried unanimously. 

Call to Audience:

Marian Schwalm-Furman manager for Villa Catalinas requested information for historic designation on behalf of the facility.They will be eligible in 2 years.

Introduction of Guest Speaker:

Sean Sullivan of Sonoran Desert Conservation soliciting for coalition participation from SHNA to support their upcoming plan.The newsletter committee will determine if the city will allow a newsletter contribution from the organization.

Treasurer’s Report:

Bank Balance as of 7/31/05

Regular Shares $ 62.35

Checking Account           $ 10,439.96

Market Account           $ 17,553.19


                                    $ 28055.50

John reported on the annual retreat.

John reported on the purchase of Directors & Officers Insurance of $ 827 for the next 12 months beginning 9/1/05.This ongoing expense does not need to be ratified.

The Board authorized John to explore the feasibility of the joint use of Tucson High for surrounding neighborhoods as a community facility. 

Cares for Seniors:

Kay reported on the steering committee meeting

49 seniors have signed up for services

12 did not need immediate services and signed up for future need

70 volunteers signed up

16 have been trained

October 17, 2005 we expect a response for the $ 12,000 grant application made for 2006.

Discussion regarding insurance for volunteers resulted in a deficit of approximately

$ 2000.  It was not known at the time of the grant acceptance that this coverage would be necessary and therefore no provision was made.

Rick made a motion and it was amended to read as follows:  Transfer $ 3000 from the water tower fund to the operating account to provide continuity to the Cares for Seniors program until the insurance can be quoted and underwritten.  Second by Paul.  Motion unanimously carried.

The board was unanimous in its decision to transfer the funds but reluctant to  allocate funds intended for the water tower.  The possibility of funding research for a grant writer for the water tower project was discussed.  Additionally a water tower committee will explore fundraising opportunities to be responsible to the budget in todays dollars.  The committee will consist of John, Frank and Laddie. 

Skip reported on traffic and security.

The Mackey redevelopment is pending a meeting by the City of Tucson.

Skip attended the RTA Sept 20 meeting re:road/bike improvements.  The Board will have recommendations to the RTA for the next meeting on October 18th .  The trolley, road and bike improvements anticipate a ½ cent sales tax increase as a funding source. Roger will submit an article for the October newsletter.

John suggested a dues increase for 2006.The discussion was deferred until next month.

It was agreed as presented by Doug that the next newsletter will encourage dues payment prior to the annual meeting so that members may take advantage of their voting privileges.

Paul reported on the 22 member MC3  Davis Monthan noise abatement committee.

Carolyn reported on the in-fill coalition and distributed documentation demonstrating the ratio of owner occupied/rental properties in the neighborhood.

Rick reported on the applications for construction variance.  Discussion of the property at 2548 E. 4th for a 2 car garage and a review of the 1985 neighborhood plan resulted in unanimous board agreement that the structure meets with the plan.

An article will be submitted by Rick for the October newsletter regarding the collective policy of granting variances in accordance with the neighborhood plan. 

John presented the final plan for Sam Hughes Elementary School.  The motion was made by Frank to adopt the Revised Playing Field Plan as proposed by Jody Gibbs and Bob Vint on 9/16/2005 which provides for future expansion.  The motioned was seconded by Rick and carried unanimously by the board.

President O’Dowd adjourned the meeting at 9:40PM.