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  SHNA Board of Directors Minutes

November 21, 2006, Himmel Library Meeting Room

Present: Leon Bear, Janett Carbajal, Dottie Daniel, Wallis Downer, Michael Guymon, Kathi McLaughlin, John O’Dowd, Gail Schuessler, Penny Simms, Frank Soltys, John Wilder

Absent: Carolyn Classen, Doug Donahue

Guests: Debbie Stertz, Kim Crooks, Erika Gallo, Judy Fordyce, Pat Gordon, Norma Wilson, Lori Bellante; TPD Capt. G. Rodriguez, Lt. C. Gross, Det. J. Burton; Roger Carrillo, Ward VI; Philip Mueller, SH Cares for Seniors; Rodney Mackey, UA Campus Facility Design & Construction and Architect Klint Breckenridge

Meeting called to order at 7:05 p.m. by O'Dowd.

Call to the Audience:

A.                 Upcoming basketball training facility at the UofA mall: Messrs. Mackey and Breckenridge displayed a model and explained the project which is in the early schematic design stages and will be guided by CPAC (Citizens Participation Advisory Committee). 4 aleppo pines will be saved. A site plan will be made available to the Board as soon as it is prepared.

B.                 Development of NE corner of 6th & Campbell: Mr. Carrillo reported no plan has been submitted for possible residential on NE corner, mixed use on the south. If a multi-family dwelling is designed, developer must build a wall. If a demolition permit is filed, Board needs notification. It was strongly suggested that Sam Hughes do an overlay establishing design criteria similar to Miramonte and Jefferson Park.

C.                 Burglaries in the Neighborhood 6/1-11/21/06: Capt. Rodriguez distributed and discussed a report, emphasized the importance of reporting any suspicious activity to 911 ASAP.

D.                 Neighborhood Watch Project: Stertz reported on the curb house number painting project, distributed a list of Neighborhood Watch Block Captains, then introduced Pat Gordon who addressed the escalating crime in the area and lack of TPD response, recommending that a Burglary Coalition be formed.

Minutes of 10/17/06 Board Meeting: MSP approving after revision.

Treasurer’s Report:

            Regular shares                            62.97

            Checking account                        1,457.92 

Money market account                5,285.29

CD at Washington Federal Savings             20,496.48

Balance as of 9/19/06                 $27,302.66

A dues analysis report for the period 1/1/06 to 10/31/06 was distributed, showing a total membership of 266 (4 still being processed). The database will be updated and available at the Annual Meeting for recording payment of 2007 dues. Postcard reminders may be sent later in the spring for those who have not renewed.

Committee Reports:

SH Cares for Seniors: Classen's written report dated 11/20/06 filed. Phil Mueller distributed updated brochures. 

Zoning (Daniel/Schuessler): Applications for 2239 E. 1st and 2349 Hawthorne were discussed. Paul Mackey is assisting with application review.

Traffic/Security (Guymon): The NW quadrant traffic count has been completed. Committee hopes to have the remaining information by the Annual Meeting.

Historic Preservation (Soltys): Next meeting 11/22/06 when attendees can view the inside of the Himmel Park water station.

Membership/Public Relations (Wallis): Debbie Stertz to be in charge of the Winter Issue of the newsletter, after which Wallis and Schuessler will take over. See Call to Audience above (Stertz, et al) for public relations update.

Schools (Wallis): Distributed the SH School's November issue.

Don Mackey Project (Carbajal): City received notice that it has been awarded the HUD 202 grant for the 56-unit elderly housing project at 2121 E. Broadway, is awaiting approval letter. There will be complete neighborhood board participation in the development.

Meeting adjourned at 9:15 p.m.  

Minutes prepared by Maxine Fifer, Tucson Office Professionals, 5250 E. Pima #131, 325-7721,