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SHNA Board of Directors Minutes

April 18, 2006, Himmel Library Meeting Room

Present: Leon Bear, Carolyn Classen, Dottie Daniel, Doug Donahue, John O’Dowd, Wallis Downer, Kathi McLaughlin, Frank Soltys, Rick Stertz, John Wilder

Absent: Janett Carbajal, Michael Guymon, Paul Mackey, Gail Schuessler

Guests: TPD Officers Jason Brei and J. Soule; Betty Guarraia, Sylvia Mungaray, Debbie Stertz

Meeting called to order at 7:03 p.m.

Penny Simms welcomed as a new Board Member.

TPD Officer Brei discussed the recent "smash & grab" vehicle activity and cautioned 1) don't leave anything in your car; 2) use a club lock; 3) park underneath a light; 4) report any suspicious activity--offense is a felony.

Minutes of 3/21/06 Board Meeting: MSP approving with spelling corrections of Janett and Simms.

Committee Reports:

Public Relations:

Debbie Stertz reported on publicity, donations and expenditures for the Spring Af-Fair to be held 4/23/06.

Zoning Committee:

Co-Chairs Classen & R. Stertz; other members Carbajal, Schuessler, McLaughlin, R.Stertz reported on:

  1. New UofA entry at 711 N. Euclid;
  2. Rezoning approved for Perry Heating & Cooling on Grant Rd.;
  3. Opposition to storage shed on side of building at 2710 E. 7th;
  4. Master BR addition to 2121 E. 2nd;
  5. Investigating use of property at NW corner of 8th & Sawtelle for short term rental "travelers accommodations". MSP authorizing him to write a letter supporting Rincon Heights' opposition to change of liquor license from #10 to #6 at 6th & Cherry. McLaughlin, monitoring MOU with Sam Hughes Place developers, reported the NE corner of 6th & Campbell now has 39 parking spaces; Classen reported the next meeting 4/19/06 and public forum 5/17/06 of MC3 re DMAFB, and that 35-40 people attended the RTA Forum 4/5/06 featuring Mike Hayes and Steve Farley.

Treasurer’s Report

Regular shares                     62.69

Checking account              5,171.09

Money market account   5,721.75

6-mo. CD at Washington
Federal Savings                  20,000.00

Balance as of 4/18/06   $30,955.47*

*Does not include $173.58 SH Cares for Seniors funds. Later in the meeting query made about donations received at the annual meeting but not turned over to the Treasurer. Classen to ask Carol Ostrander what happened to those funds.

Traffic/Security Committee:

(Chair Guymon, other members Donahue, Daniel, Penny Simms) Daniel reported that Guymon can obtain a schematic of the neighborhood showing traffic devices, has received complaints about semis on Norris and mail trucks; suggest that a fall newsletter include a resident survey about traffic issues.

Sam Hughes Cares for Seniors: Classen has attempted to contact Kay Roth without success. See Treasurer's Report re funds donated during annual meeting.

Historic Preservation Committee (Co-Chairs McLaughlin & Soltys; other members O'Dowd & Daniel)

$10,000 donation; involve adjoining neighbors about possible development of the water tower property and the City regarding the lease. Possibilities are

  1. combining two properties and development of elderly housing;
  2. cell phone provider;
  3. eed to find a developer and apply for a development grant.

Schools: O'Dowd, Downer, Schuessler.

Sam Hughes School Addition: Construction starting with the kitchen; during construction won't have 6th grade, a second portable will be added, neighbors need notifying about the noise. Board is concerned about representation on the construction committee, need for written confirmation that all portables will be removed when construction completed. Enrollment now at 330, less than half are neighborhood kids. Downer will get official projected enrollment.

CCRC: (Stoltys)

1) Mention made of events scheduled for Likens retirement

2) Dean of Students Melissa Vito has begun a pilot for on-line reporting information; believes incidences are a violation of Code of Conduct; working with Chief Deakin & Miranda so that every red tag will be analyzed by UAPD and violators will be called into the Dean's office for disposition

3) West University Home Tour 4/30/06


1. Shall SHNA taking a position on RTA plan and if so, what position should it take? MSP that the board take no position (O'Dowd held R.Stertz proxy).

2. Removal of portable classrooms at Sam Hughes when construction completed: See Schools above.

3. Dept. of Air Force's move of headquarters of Special Forces Operation: To be explored.

4. Resignation of Paul Mackey: Accepted.

Meeting adjourned at 9:15 p.m. 

Minutes prepared by Maxine Fifer, Tucson Office Professionals, 5250 E. Pima #131, 325-7721,