SHNA Board of Directors Minutes

September 19, 2006, Himmel Library Meeting Room

Present: Leon Bear, Carolyn Classen, Dottie Daniel, Michael Guymon, John O’Dowd, Gail Schuessler, Penny Simms, Frank Soltys, Rick Stertz, John Wilder

Absent: Janett Carbajal, Doug Donahue, Wallis Downer, Kathi McLaughlin

Guests: Debbie Stertz (Membership/Public Relations); Georgia Eddy, Community Justice Board Coordinator (Pima Co. Atty's Office); Greg DeLuca & James Davis, True Value Builders; Carol Ostrander, Pima Co. on Aging; Gal Witmer, West Univ. NA; Madelyn Cook, SHNA Indexer; Residents Jack Isselin and Sylvia Mungaray

Meeting called to order at 7:05 p.m. by O'Dowd.

Minutes of 7/18/06 Board Meeting, Acceptance of Agenda: MSP approving as revised.

President's Report:

A.                 TUSD resolution re: utilizing 2004 bond funds to add 4 classrooms, eliminate the portables and improve the playground at Sam Hughes Elementary prepared by O'Dowd was read. MSP approving circulation.

B.                 Town West project on 9th Ave.: Gayle Hartmann, Presidio Historic Trust, requested that the Board take a position on this issue. The consensus was the Board has a fiduciary responsibility to "take care of our own back door," and that possible development at 6th & Campbell parking lot more important.

C.                 Elevated Freeway: Country Club & Glen Neighborhood objected. Soltys advised that Tucson had an opportunity in the late '90's to study and depress the idea. ADOT bids too high, will have to redesign.

D.                 Participation of neighborhood associations growth: Legislature has amended law to recognize. R.Stertz has consulted with Nina Trasoff as to what the City proposes to do with their land.

Call to Audience:

1.                   Ostrander re SH Cares for Seniors: 14 present for meeting 9/5/06, 16 called wanting to continue the program and participate as volunteers or care recipients. The steering committee is to consult with the Treasurer when funds are needed for volunteer liability insurance @ $7.50 per person per year (some volunteers willing to pay), cell phone expenses, etc. Next meeting at Ward 6 office 9/26/06 for training and retraining.

2.                   Membership & Public Relations: Debbie Stertz advised 1) next newsletter coming 10/6; 2) Neighborhood Watch info will be posted on the website requesting block captains; TPD will present at the annual meeting; first step is painting addresses on the curb; 3) Kids at Sam Hughes school to do poster about Husky, their mascot, which will be adopted as SH neighborhood's nw logo.

3.                   Home Tour: No committee representative present. The Board requests that the apportionment of the budget be considered at the next meeting.

4.                   Archival Indexing: Madelyn Cook circulated her report on the project as well as a list of missing minutes and requested guidance about continuing the project. The listserve and next newsletter will request materials that are missing. MSP that she be paid $433.75 for services performed to date.

5.                   Messrs. DeLuca and Davis circulated information about a planned neighborhood home renovation. R.Stertz requested a submittal, site plan and location.

6.                   Community Justice Board Program: Ms. Eddy circulated information and explained the program (suggested that juveniles in the program might do curb address painting).

7.                   Development of NE corner of 6th & Campbell: Isselin informed the Board that in conversations with Matt McKinnon, Gen. Mgr. of Sam Hughes Place, plans are underfoot for development when the parking lot lease expires. As a result, A SPECIAL MEETING will be scheduled October 3rd at 7:00 p.m. at Himmel Park Library, requesting the presence of Walter Telles and Town West representatives.

Treasurer’s Report:

            Regular shares                            62.87

            Checking account                        1,998.43 (includes $173.58 from SH Cares for Srs.)

Money market account                5,269.42

6-mo. CD at Washington Federal Savings 20,000.00

Balance as of 9/19/06                 $27,330.72

It was suggested that the Treasurer present a budget comparison at the next meeting and that all committees bring budget projections for review.

Committee Reports:

CCRC (Soltys):

A.                 CPAC (Citizens Participation Committee) involved in the participation phase of the basketball training facility;

B.                 U of A cleanup going well;

C.                 No criticism about noise;

D.                 19 red tags issued city-wide;

E.                  Proposition 400 (formation of the Joint Technological Education District) info distributed.

Zoning (R.Stertz):

A.                 Scotties #12 license approved;

B.                 No objection to applications of 1925 E. 5th and 2943 E. Hawthorne;

C.                 MSP that a letter of rejection be sent regarding 2339 & 2345 E. Speedway request for C2 zoning;

D.                 Protest letters re Kingdom Fdn. of Tucson's contract for 12 parties, objecting to 9/30, 10/21, 11/11 and 11/25 special events;

E.                  Distribution of minutes of the 9/7/06 Planning Commission meeting resulting in the recommendation that all Residential Cluster Projects of 5 acres or less go to a public hearing before the Zoning Examiner so neighbors will have the opportunity to have a say in the process.

Traffic/Security Committee (Guymon): Putting together a plan to submit to Ward 6 for Back to Basics Grant.

Historic Preservation Committee: Next meeting 9/26/06 at 6 pm re planning concept for library, park and water tower.

Schools: Wallis' handwritten report filed (info contained in the Autumn newsletter). The Sam Hughes school addition is to be finished sometime after March 2007. Her request for $40 for teacher treats was approved.

Meeting adjourned at 9:15 p.m.  

Minutes prepared by Maxine Fifer, Tucson Office Professionals, 5250 E. Pima #131, 325-7721,