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SHNA Board of Directors Minutes

December 18, 2007, Himmel Library Meeting Room

Present: Janett Carbajal, Doug Donahue, Michael Guymon, John O’Dowd, Larry Roberts, Frank Soltys, Penny Simms, Ed Stokes.

Absent/Excused: Leon Bear, Carolyn Classen, Wallis Downer, Kathi McLaughlin, Sylvia Mungaray, Gail Schuessler, John Wilder.

Guests: Michelle Kinnison, Steve Martinek, Brandon Protas.

Meeting called to order at 7:10 p.m.

Acceptance of the agenda/Approval of 11/20/07 Minutes: 1.                  Mr. Protas inquired whether Caliche Gardens could use Sam Hughes 501(c)3 as a pass-through when applying for grants. His request will be considered when a proposal is presented.

2.                  Ms. Kinnison requested suggestions for taking a proactive approach/line of defense regarding a neighbor who plans to rent the house in front and retain the studio as an office. She is concerned about retaining the integrity of the neighborhood and violation of zoning.

3.                  Mr. Martinek is interested in the overlay proposal development.

President's Report (O'Dowd): Distributed San Diego ordinance passed to control mini-dorms, which will be considered as a prototype by the board.

Vice President's Report (Soltys):

1.                  Brooks Jeffery's presentation "A Sense of Place/The Architecture of Roy Place" at the annual meeting

2.                  4 Neighborhoods meeting to protect Himmel Park, enhance the library, promote water tower restoration

3.                  Sam Hughes Safe Streets chosen #1 RTA proposal

Treasurer’s Report (Bear-Written) as of 11/30/07:

            Regular shares                               98.51

            Checking account                      1,133.48

Money market account            5,420.44

CD at Washington Federal Savings                      28,626.53

Balance as of 11/30/07  35,278.96

Standing Committee Reports:

1.      Seniors Care Program (Classen-Written): 1) 1-year celebration 11/27/07 - 20 volunteers recognized, several clients expressed heartfelt gratitude for services; Ed Schevill will continue to take calls; MJ Talbot will temporarily do monthly reporting to PCOA; Classen will resume as Interim Program Coordinator in mid-January until May 2008.

2.      MCRC (Classen-Written): Next meeting 1/16/08, 6 pm, Randolph Golf Course copper room, 600 S. Alvernon. Chair, Vice Chair and Recorder for 2008 to be elected.

3.      Land Use/NPZ: The utilization of the San Diego Ordinance previously discussed.

4.      Traffic/Safety (Guymon/Simms): 1) Meeting in November - plan is fluid, neighborhood preferences to be considered; 2) RTA meeting voted unanimously Sam Hughes Safe Streets #1 priority. Discussion held about hiring a professional to consider the needs of the rest of the neighborhood and make recommendations.

5.      CCRC (Soltys): Call 694-6533 re complaints about helicopter overflights. San Diego Ordinance will be presented to Albert Elias who is attending next meeting

6.      Elderly Housing/Mackey Development1.      6th & Campbell mixed use project approved.

2.      Fire station at 1st & Norris asking for support re relocation or rebuild of present facility.

Meeting adjourned at 8:50 p.m.

Minutes prepared by Maxine Fifer, Tucson Office Professionals, 5250 E. Pima #131, 325-7721,