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SHNA Board of Directors Minutes

April 17, 2007, Himmel Library Meeting Room

Present: Leon Bear, Janett Carbajal, Doug Donahue, Wallis Downer, Michael Guymon, Kathi McLaughlin, John O’Dowd, Gail Schuessler, Frank Soltys Penny Simms, Ed Stokes, John Wilder.

Absent: Adrienne Ash, Carolyn Classen, John Cwik.

Guests: Denice Blake, Sylvia Mungaray, Bob Vint.

Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m.

Minutes of 3/20/06 Board Meeting, acceptance of the agenda: MSP approving.

President's Report (O'Dowd)

1.       The budget committee will meet to review how finances align with the proposed budget presented at the annual meeting and report findings at the next meeting.

2.       A pre-application has been signed for a possible transportation enhancement grant which could fund a rest/shaded area, water fountain, etc.

Treasurer’s Report (Bear):

            Regular shares                            97.87

            Checking account                      13,468.96

Money market account             5,337.36

CD at Washington Federal Savings             20,496.48

Balance as of 3/31/07                 39,400.67

The Board authorized renewing the CD (maturing 5/10/07) for 6 months and adding $7,500 from the Home Tour.

Call to the Audience:

A.                 Home Tour Recap, etc. : A final handout indicated net proceeds of $10,938.43. Blake advised that the City had paid $59 for the stolen sign replaced at 1st & Country Club.

B.                 Water tower expansion report: Bob Vint circulated "Recommendations for the Adaptive Reuse of the 1st Street Water Pumping Stations," which contain numerous photos, history information and recommendations. Highlights included 1) forming an independent non-profit group with an accountable Board of Directors; 2) keeping both sites (East,  2498 E. 1st, West, 2218 E. 1st) in the public domain (currently owned by the City); 3) initially restoring east structure for adaptive re-use; 4) stabilizing the west structure ASAP; 5) using site initially as a nursery to store trees, plants and equipment; eventually the renovated structure used for meetings to plan, organize and improve center-city neighborhoods; tower improvement coming later; 6) incorporating into the Board professionals with expertise relating to project; 7) remaining a private independent entity that works with other neighborhoods; 8) keeping projects small and quality high.

Committee Reports:

A.                 Historic Buildings Restoration and Readaptive Use (McLaughlin, Soltys, Schuessler, Stokes, Gale Hartman, Sylvia Mungaray). See Vint report. Committee will present a plan for approval by the board at the next meeting.

B.                 Campus Community Relations (Soltys, Simms):

1.       A resolution was passed to form a CPAC to engage UofA and Board of Regents to adhere to the comprehensive master plan established 10 years ago. Violations cited were purchase of the Corleone Block on Mabel east of Park and building the art annex across from the Corleone Block.

2.       Roger Pfeuffer, TUSD Supt., will address the middle school issue, i.e. Mansfeld and Doolen, at a meeting on 4/30/07, 6:00 pm in Swede Johnson Room #205. All are welcome to attend.

3.       The red tag pilot going well.

4.       UofA basketball training facility construction on Campbell to begin 4/23/07. Sketches were circulated.

5.       4 boxed Aleppo pines (70,000 lbs. each) to be moved.

C.                 Crime Prevention & Traffic Safety (Guymon, Simms, Debbie Stertz):

1.       Northwest traffic count to be completed by 5/1/07.

2.       Communication with Matt Zoll, Alternate Use Transportation Coordinator re: safe routes for school program, RTA $ available to do stepped up traffic protection around Sam Hughes Elementary, traffic mitigation, i.e. Four Points Sheraton demolition/rebuild.

D.                 Newsletter/Membership/Public Relations: Summer issue of News on Hughes will go out the first part of July (news deadline 5/5/07); 6 new members, 164 members not yet renewed for 2007.

E.                  Mackey Redevelopment for elderly housing (Carbajal): Developers don't have title yet; working on 501(c)(3) to be completed in 8 months.

F.                  Land Use/Neighborhood Protection Zone (O'Dowd, Schuessler):

1.       Discussion about Caliche Garden to be created at 8th & 9th, Olson/Norris

2.       Public hearing 4/24/07, 5:30 pm, when Mayor & Council will vote on Neighborhood Preservation Zone.

3.       Jefferson Park to be pilot project. 

G.                 Special Events/Home Tours: Next home tour scheduled for 3/15/09.

H.                 School Issues (Downer): Sam Hughes addition now to be completed this summer.

New Business: HB 2369 re signage was vetoed by the governor.

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m.  

Minutes prepared by Maxine Fifer, Tucson Office Professionals, 5250 E. Pima #131, 325-7721,