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SHNA Board of Directors Minutes

May 15, 2007, Himmel Park Library Meeting Room

Present: Leon Bear, Janett Carbajal, Carolyn Classen, Doug Donahue, Wallis Downer, Michael Guymon, Kathi McLaughlin, John O’Dowd, Gail Schuessler, Frank Soltys, Penny Simms, John Wilder.

Absent: Ed Stokes.

Guests: C.T. Revere/Chief of Staff, Ward 6; Kathryn Skinner, Pima County DOT; Tom Thievener, Tucson DOT; Debbie Stertz, Member Chair; Jim Sinex.

Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m.

Minutes of 4/17/07 Board Meeting, acceptance of the agenda: MSP approving.

Call to the Audience:

1.                   1.                   Safe routes to school: Skinner and Thievener presented several options for Sam Hughes School: 1) curb extensions at 4th & Norton, Norton & 3rd; 2) sidewalk along school; 3) traffic circles (10' wide 4" high) on 3rd.  RTA funding available. Traffic committee to work with Tucson and Pima County, based on plans presented.

2.                   2.                   Revere's report: 1) NPZ Pilot Project encompasses radius of 2 miles around campus (historic preservation and zoning committees to come up with representatives); 2) Sheraton 4 Points property owner and UA could not afford to lose rooms; 3) Town West working on mixed use permit for parking lot across from Sam Hughes Place.

3.                   3.                   Stertz: 1) Member retention: MSP to spend up to $90 for postcard reminders; 2) Tamayo: released to La Fronterra; Deputy Co. Atty. Brad Holland emailed suggestions for SHNA action. Stertz to write Pima Co. Committee for Civil Rights of Seriously Mental Ill, advising them of the situation; 3) Neighborhood Watch: Public mailing to be sent in August.

President's Report (O'Dowd):

1.       1.       Review of operating budget/dedicated funds: MSP to add the following line items from the contingency category: $1,000 for zoning assistance; $450 for special events, making new total $650; $100 for member expense.

2.       2.       Mosquito control for summer 2007: Sinex to send information in June public mailing.

3.       3.       Chairs for 2007 Standing Committees (see attached revised Board of Directors information).

4.       4.       Nominations for Casitas on Broadway Board: MSP that 2 positions will be filled, provided there is a letter of understanding that the Mackey project is to be a competitively bid project.

Treasurer’s Report (Bear):

            Regular shares                            97.95

            Checking account                      13,629.46

Money market account             5,347.76

CD at Washington Federal Savings             21,126.53

Balance as of 43007                   40,201.70

Statement of earmarked Water Tower Restoration Project Funds as of 4/20/07 ($40,201.70) was reviewed.

Committee Reports:

A.                 A.                 Historic Buildings Restoration and Readaptive Use (Soltys): MSP that the Board accept the report and adopt recommendations 1-9 of the Recommendations for Adaptive Reuse of the 1st Street Water Pumping Stations.

B.                 B.                 Campus Community Relations (Soltys): UA's charette on new gate at the east entrance.

C.                 C.                 Seniors Care Program: (Classen): Monthly report sent to PCOA; 15 clients, 22 trained volunteers, new brochure planned for the fall.

D.                 D.                 Crime Prevention/Traffic Safety (Simms, Guymon): Thievener discussed a possible designated bikeway at Treat & 1st, pedestrian lights to be coordinated with the City.

E.                  E.                  Newsletter: Summer issue of News on Hughes will go out in July public mailing (news deadline 6/5/07).

F.                  F.                  Land Use/Infill Coalition: (Schuessler): Article about Caliche Garden to appear in summer issue of newsletter.

G.                 G.                 Special Events: O'Dowd to pursue 4th of July pool party.

H.                 H.                 K-12/Education (Downer): Sam Hughes dedication to be part of 80th anniversary event 10/6 or 11/2/07.

Meeting adjourned at 9:20 p.m.  

Minutes prepared by Maxine Fifer, Tucson Office Professionals, 5250 E. Pima #131, 325-7721,