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SHNA Board of Directors Minutes

May 20, 2008, Himmel Park Library Meeting Room

Present: Leon Bear, Doug Donahue, Wallis Downer, Kathi McLaughlin, Sylvia Mungaray, John O’Dowd, Gail Schuessler, Frank Soltys, John Wilder.

Excused: Janett Carbajal, Carolyn Classen, Michael Guymon, Larry Roberts, Ed Stokes.

Guests: Lindsey Kunz, UAPD; Steven Acevedo, TPD; Peggy Schmidt, Tom Farmer, Lollie Butler, Dan Stewart, Rick Bell.

Meeting called to order at 7:10 p.m.

Approval of 4/15/08 Minutes: Motion/second/passed approving.

Call to Audience:

1.  Officers Kunz and Acevedo addressed U of A and Sam Hughes coverage. There has been a rise in

burglaries in the Norris-E. 8th area, as well as vandalism/graffiti between 6th, Broadway, Campbell & Tucson Blvd. Homeowners should report graffiti at 792-CITY.

2. Schmidt and Farmer (Blenman-Elm Neighborhood) expressed concern about the invasion of

minidorms. Lengthy discussion followed re options individuals and homeowners associations could pursue. Photos of changes at 2131 E. 5th were circulated.

Reports of Officers:

President (O'Dowd): Read response from James Glock, City Dept. of Transportation, re Broadway buffer.

Vice President (Soltys):

1.       Have received 407 responses to the 4-neighborhood survey. Motion/second/passed that up to $200 be allocated for Tucson Office Professionals to collate the responses.

2.       Has negotiated a FREE SWIM DAY, to be underwritten by SHNA, for Saturday, August 9th.

Treasurer's report:

            Regular shares                                   98.91

            Checking account                        2,622.67

Money market account                         5,465.13

CD at Washington Federal Savings             29,607.98

Balance as of 4-30-08                            37,794.69

Standing Committee Reports:

Sam Hughes Care for Seniors (Classen-Written): Trudy Mills has taken over the program coordination for the summer and hopefully longer, with help from MJ Talbot who has twice ably assisted in the coordination of this program. She will send in her report to this board electronically or in person. We recently reprinted 400 of the green program brochures. Thanks to this board for the recent $300 for the operation of this program. To date we have also received over $150 in donations from our volunteer neighbors-- Phil Mueller, Cheryl Lougee, Kelly Urman, Vikki Spritz, Trudy Mills, and Dottie Daniels. The generous fellow who helped our program by giving us his used Alltel cell phone (after Edward lost the new one we bought in January) is Phillip Carrasco, Asplundth Tree Expert Co., 241-7704.Wilder will contact $75 donation for permission to add SHNA to SH Care for Seniors as payee. (SH Seniors is under SHNA 501(c)3 umbrella.)

Military Community Relations Committee (Classen-Written): Last meeting held on 5/14, with updates from the subcommittees: Land Use, Operations, and Communications -- Next MCRC full meetings are July 16 and September 10, with upcoming subcommittee meetings also to be posted on John O'Dowd is the alternate in my absence as Sylvia Mungaray has resigned as 2nd alternate. Mungaray advised of a "Flight Operations Concerns Form" distributed at the last meeting. (NOTE: Subsequent to Classen's written report, Mungaray withdrew her resignation as an alternate and has agreed to assist John and Carolyn and our board, as needed.)

Traffic/Security (Mungaray): Next meeting 5/22/08, waiting to see if additional funding for sidewalks will be granted.

Newsletter/Membership/Technology: Summer newsletter to come out in early August; 2008 membership at 175, 77 did not renew.

Schools (Schuessler): Flyers re TUSD Override election 11/4/08 were distributed. S.O.A.R. is concerned with possible loss of 28 part-time attendance registrars who assist and provide an additional presence (safety issue) in the school offices.

CCRC (Soltys): 1) Reminder of the Mars Landing on 5/25/08, 3-7 pm; 2) UofA commencement speaker was Frank Borman, who formerly resided at 2315 E. 6th.

Announcements: Donahue is monitoring the possible Tucson Museum of Art relocation. He was advised that TMA is run by its board as an independent non-profit, and "nobody can tell them what to do."

Meeting adjourned at 9:10 p.m.

Minutes prepared by Maxine Fifer, Tucson Office Professionals, 5250 E. Pima #131, 325-7721,