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SHNA Board of Directors Minutes

October 20, 2009, Himmel Park Library Meeting Room

Present: Rick Bell, Janett Carbajal, Carolyn Classen, Doug Donahue, Wallis Downer, Steve Gilsdorf, Kathi McLaughlin, Sylvia Mungaray, John O’Dowd,Gail Schuessler, Frank Soltys, John Wilder.

Absent: Ed Stokes

Guests:, UAPD Officer Nathan Venger, Cheryl Lougee, Lexy Keffeler, Claudia Davila, Rick & Debbie Stertz

Meeting called to order by O'Dowd at 7:05 p.m.

Approval of 7/21/09 and 9/15/09 BOD Minutes: Motion/second/passed.


Spring Fling Overview (Keffeler, Executive Director, Spring Fling 2010): announced that the upcoming Spring Fling is scheduled for April 8-11, 2010 at Rillito Downs.  Over 40 clubs and organizations participate each year, earning an average of $1,000 each.  Keffeler reported that this is the tenth year since Spring Fling relocated and attendance was greater on campus. In 2011, Spring Fling is apparently being pushed out of Rillito Downs and plans to move back to the UA Mall, between Cherry and Campbell.  No alternative sites are currently being considered.  Board comments ranged from recalling that there was a collective sigh of relief 10 years ago, when Spring Fling moved off campus, to shock and dismay that UA would return Spring Fling to the campus without a) first consulting its neighbors; b) fighting harder to retain the Rillito Downs location; and c) fully appreciating the parking and noise issues.

Quality of Life Survey Results (R.Stertz): Agenda for 10/28/09 at Hardesty Center will be a presentation of the Quality of Life Survey results, recommendations and an action plan. What was learned was a) recruit, b) retain, and c) recognize. Funding for 30 T-shirts was requested to recognize survey volunteers. Queries were 1) is there a funding mechanism to implement action plan to generate community activities? 2) how do we communicate to residents results? 3) is there a process in place for any neighborhood resident to request funds?

Reports of Officers:

President (O'Dowd): 1) Attended TPD workshop, circulated handouts of census data, business licenses list,

registered neighborhood associations in mid-town division, how to use Pima Co. map guide, upcoming workshops; 2) Andre variance request approved; 3) Coalition of Neighborhoods to come up with ordinance re mini-dorms; 4) flyer in water bills being circulated to landlords.

Secretary (Classen): Encouraged everyone to attend Neighborfest 10/25/09, 1-4:30 pm at Trinity Presbyterian church.

Treasurer (Gilsdorf): Budget to Actual 10/20/09 circulated. Clarification needed between "Neighborhood & Member Activities" and "Neighborhood Watch" line items. Balance on hand $48,027.

Standing Committee Reports:

Sam Hughes Cares for Seniors (Emailed report from Coordinator Mills: a) Bought $100 worth of minutes and phone for an extra $20; b) Oktoberfest party success, 30 people attending (special thanks to hosts Kinnisons and Rincon Market); c) Instead of regular monthly meetings, a member who wants to call a meeting to deal with a specific topic is to contact Mills so a meeting can be arranged; d) Continue to need drivers.

Land Use/NPZ/Development of Broadway Village (O'Dowd): Met with Brooks Jeffrey, drafted letter from 4 neighborhoods who have a mutual goal that the Broadway Village property be developed in a manner compatible with preservation of the Joesler buildings and quality of residential neighborhoods, requesting a grant of $3,000 seed money from Southwest Foundation for a stipend to architects to serve on a panel. Awaiting CRI Partnership's application for Planned Area Development to be filed.

Newsletter/Membership/Technology: Bell - 1) Asked and Board concurred that a SH resident could offer discount for his downtown business; 2) Stephen Otero on behalf of Greek Life inquired about providing labor for neighborhood projects, but Board considered insurance aspect, cost of providing tools, etc., and rejected the offer. Wilder - is updating web site, inquired if there were a limit on commercial advertisements. Suggestion made that ads be rotated.

Historic Preservation/Himmel includes Coalition of Himmel Park Neighborhoods (Soltys): Pima County Board of Supervisors chairman and supervisory district 5 representative Richard Elias formally met with Sam Hughes neighbors and board members on October 19 and has killed the proposal--by Elias and Ward 6 City Council member Nina Trasoff--to rename Himmel Park Library for former mayor and Ward 6 council member Tom Volgy.  Elias apologized for the fact that there was no public input or outreach to the Sam Hughes, Blenman-Elm, Palo Verde and Miramonte Neighborhood Associations.

CCRC (Schuessler): 1) TPD and UPD are working together; discussion re minidorms, rules re students in dorms, student code of conduct for behavior, if danger outside campus. 2) Parkwise reports 58% of ticket revenue goes to the state, they get 7 cents on a dollar; may raise parking permits from $2.50 as much as $48-$60 for SH residents.

Schools: Soltys agreed to be substituted for Stokes at SH Site Council

Traffic - Broadway Corridor (Mungaray): On 9/23/09, the Downtown Tucson Partnership held a meeting with local neighborhood leaders to discuss the Downtown Revitalization Strategy, and in particular, the Broadway Corridor.  There are plans to add infill to the area between Euclid Avenue and Country Club.  This would require rezoning to accommodate medium density commercial and residential development (apartments/student housing) along the Broadway Corridor and would help to tie the eastside business areas to Downtown.  Widening of Broadway would enable bus lanes to be added to increase bus service levels which would encourage busing to cut down on traffic and to support Downtown and the Corridor businesses.  Planning for the widening of Broadway is to begin in 2011.  If all goes as planned, Light Rail along the Corridor will be added in 10 to 15 years. The Downtown Revitalization Plan (52 pages) can be reviewed at > The plan is being developed and will be revised as changes occur. 

Military Community Relations (Classen): Meeting at Ward 6 office on 10/29/09, 6-7 pm, re "Operation Snowbird Safety Procedures & Operational Study-Kick-Off Meeting."

Elderly Housing Carbajal): Construction has begun, projected completion in 8-14 months.

New Business: Motion & seconded that a maximum of $250 be allotted to be used as recognition items for the Quality of Life Survey volunteers. Passed.

Meeting adjourned at 9:15 p.m.

Minutes prepared by Maxine Fifer, Tucson Office Professionals, 5250 E. Pima #131, 325-7721,

This is an old archived post or event, it is not current news.

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