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SHNA Board of Directors Minutes, March 17, 2009

Himmel Park Library Meeting Room

Present: Rick Bell, Janett Carbajal, Carolyn Classen, Doug Donahue, John O’Dowd, Wallis Downer, Steve Gilsdorf, Kathi McLaughlin, Sylvia Mungaray, Gail Schuessler, Frank Soltys, Ed Stokes, John Wilder.

Guests:, Sgt. Rolf Averill/UAPD, Sylvia Flores, Beth Trapp, Tania Capin, Gabriela Head, Laura Burge, Virginia Hewgley, Louanne Panepento; Dave Ewoldt/Pro Neighborhood; Randall Finfrock/Broadway Village.

Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m.

Approval of 2/16/08 BOD Minutes:

Motion/second/passed approving.


t;2.        Ewoldt circulated materials regarding Transition Pima and PRO Neighborhoods, a relocalization project focused on public outreach, resource gathering, creating a better future by nurturing local transition initiatives.

For further information, see

MSP amending the Agenda to include Violation of zoning laws at 2810 E. 4th (to be considered in Executive Session).

President's Report - O'Dowd: expressed private concern about the proposed 7' antenna at Broadway & Country Club regarding the possible mental health effects of electromagnetic waves; scientific research is inconclusive at this time.

Vice President's Report - Stokes: reported that Nimbus has 60 days from 3/25/09 to reapply for liquor license and go before the Board of Adjustment.

Treasurer - Gilsdorf: Home tour ticket sales approx. $11,786 + $300 in sponsorships; anticipated expenses $851 thus far. Bank balance, including Washington Federal CD is $48,885. MSP that $450 be spent for 12 historic neighborhood street signs from K&K Graphics, to be used as replacements or awards, and warehoused at SHNA storage at Ward 6.

Secretary - Classen: Sam Hughes Cares for Seniors assisted 7 seniors, trained 2 new volunteers this month. Bank balance is $357 but a new cell phone will be needed eventually. 3 volunteers shared information with Wingspan. RTA mileage reimbursement has dropped from 50.5¢ to 45¢ per mile.

Traffic/Lack of Sidewalks: Matt Zoll will be invited to the April board meeting.

Crime Prevention/SH Community Action Committee Survey - Head: Volunteers will sign a waiver re insurance; no identity involved when completing the survey; information not to be used for commercial purposes. MSP that Kathi McLaughlin will act as liaison and report to the Board. One suggestion was 24/7 patrols. Frontier Security to be invited to the April board meeting.

Membership - Bell: Only 1/3 of the former membership have renewed. It was suggested that written dues reminders be mailed in November. Dues run with the fiscal year Jan. - Dec.

Schools - Stokes: Determination of whether SH school will be a Level 1 or Level 2 to wait until legislature does the budget.

Elderly Housing/Casitas on Broadway - Carbajal: Waiting for funds to transfer, building to begin in June, received 7 points above silver, still working on the possibility of a community garden.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m., at which time the Board went into Executive Session.

Minutes prepared by Maxine Fifer, Tucson Office Professionals, 5250 E. Pima #131, 325-7721,

This is an old archived post or event, it is not current news.

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