SHNA minutes May 19, 2009

Board members present:  John O’Dowd, Frank Soltys, Carolyn Classen, Wallis Downer, Gail Schuessler, Rick Bell, Steve Gilsdorf, Jannett Carbajal, Ed Stokes, Doug Donahue, John Wilder, Kathi McLaughlin

Board members absent: Sylvia Mungaray

Guests: Andrew Quigley, Mike Corral & David Siqueiros/City of Tucson Environmental Services, Chris Leighton, Ricardo Martinez, Marylou Ramirez/Parkwise, Peter Norback/CFB project, Jay Tolkoff/PJ Subs, Sheila Hoban, Madelyn Cook (SHNA indexer), Laura Burge & Monique Martin from Ward 6 Council office, Jim Sinex, Don & Robbie Laidlaw, Louanne Panepento, Tania Capin, Gabrielle Head

Call to order:  7:06 p.m. by President John O’Dowd

Secretary’s minutes of April 21, 2009 approved as corrected:  President O’Dowd stated that it’s the F-16s (not A-10s) from out of state ANG units that he would like to see train out of TIA.


½ hour video presentation by Andy Quigley of City Env. Services (customer service # 791-3171).  This dept. handles the Refuse & Recycling, Los Reales Landfill, other projects.

City Parkwise talk by Chris Leighton who said that residential parking rates & hours are under review. Suggestion was made to set up a SHNA subcommittee to work on parking issues with his dept. over the summer.

Call to Audience: 1) Jay Tolkoff, sole owner of T-6/PJ Subs ended relationship with Nimbus Brewery on 4/10/09, has obtained #12 liquor license, has 28 leased parking spaces, 2) Jim Sinex spoke about his property at E. 2nd and Treat, and has installed three 5ft X 8 ft tall rain water harvesting cisterns, and his zoning variance was denied by City of Tucson, 3) Don Laidlaw spoke regarding a proposed bicycle safety route on Treat Avenue, has met with a PAG official, asked about liability insurance for future maintenance of any traffic circle built on E. 3rd and Treat Ave. as it is his understanding that the neighborhood assn. would be responsible for this 4) Robbie Laidlaw said she would like to resign from SHNA membership, due to this proposed bicycle route on Treat Avenue and lack of information given to neighbors living nearby.

President’s report: Despite neighborhood efforts by SHNA, Miramonte, Catalina Vista and Blenman Elm associations parking spaces reduced for commercial properties to now 1 space per 330 square feet. Monique Martin mentioned availability of CT Revere of Ward 6 office on this issue.O’Dowd invited to City budget talks by Asst. Manager Richard Miranda in June. Broadway Village PAD renovation apparently not opposed by Broadway Broadmoor Assn. Colonia Solana and El Encanto not registered neighborhood associations & only homeowners’ associations—need to give input on this renovation. 

VP report – Stokes had nothing to add to PJ Subs report by Tolkoff.

Treasurer’s report:Gilsdorf reported that I.R.S. 501 c 3 tax return filed. 2009 proposed budget: Revenues: Home tour-net ($11,251), Interest income ($1700), Dues ($3000), Advertising ($400), Donations and support ($100) with total of $16,451. Expenditures:  Consulting fees ($1500), Insurance ($1235), Secretarial services ($1200), Neighborhood/Member Activities ($1000), Membership recruiting/retention ($1000), signs ($434),Neighborhood watch ($400), Sam Hughes Cares for Seniors ($400), Website expense ($100), P.O. box ($58) and Corporation Commission fee ($10), for total expenditures of $7337 for 2009, leaving excess at $9,114.  MSP to accept budget.

Secretary’s report:Classen reported that Blenman Elm has agreed to co-sponsor Neighborfest 2009 as well.  Trinity Pres.Church has liability insurance & hot air balloon company has own insurance and will require signed waiver. Rick Bell will speak with Pres. Lori Boston of WUNA about adding SHNA to their insurance for this upcoming Oct. 25 event.

Historic preservation:Soltys reported that historic Himmel pool free swim will be on Friday 7/31/09, 5:30 to 7 p.m. & will be featured in newsletter. He encouraged residents to enjoy Himmel pool all summer. Soltys and O’Dowd have publicly protested keeping pool open for only 2 months this summer. $68 M less in City budget per Monique Martin. Classen reported that she had contacted Ward 6 about the limited pool hours this summer but budget cuts are the reality for now.  Coalition of 4 Neighborhoods group to be chaired by Molly McKasson.

Elderly housing: Carbajal reported that Tom McQuillen of City of Tucson hopes to start construction of Plumer elderly housing project in June.

CCRC:  Soltys said that U of A is wrapping up 5 year update of comprehensive plan, committee formerly attended by Paul Mackey; ground breaking of new dorm on 6th St. and Euclid today; UMC helicopter flights down a bit since last year, and noise complaints remain negligible.

Schools:  Stokes reported that Sam Hughes Elem. Site Council decided to fund all personnel but the 12th teacher, will fundraise for that person at $200 from 250 people to pay for that teacher.Will submit article for newsletter on this. Librarian not funded, will need coordinator & volunteers to help out. Substitute teacher budget halved, so solution proposed to have SH parents with bachelor’s degrees help become substitutes.  Focus of SH Elem. school is OMA community school, need to utilize community contacts (such as U of A) more.  Tucson High has had to cut as well per O’Dowd, which will affect quality of school, esp. the underserved students.

Newsletter: deadline 15th of June per Downer and Schuessler for next issue.

Membership: Bell passed out blue post card "Certificate of Membership" to board members, and has mailed out the others.  Alternate vendor found for tshirts which will be printed soon.  Will check on any “lost” memberships.

Technology: Wilder stated that website is making some $.  Jimmy’s Automotive has sent in check to advertise on our website. No way to regulate what is posted on SHNA listserv but Wilder is monitoring as webmaster.

Crime Prevention: Gabrielle Head & Tania Capin reported that they have distributed quality of life surveys to 90% of neighborhood including apt. complexes such as Villa Catalinas condos and Council House.  44 volunteers have been left surveys on residents’ doors, final report to be done by July. Have brought people together on this project.  Wilder asked for their website link to add onto SHNA website.UA police taking crisis intervention training per O’Dowd.

Traffic: Donahue will check on status of proposed traffic circle on E. 3rd and Treat, which will require 60 % of neighbors’approval.  Panepento stated she lives on Hawthorne/Treat, and traffic signs are not being observed by bicyclists at that intersection, but she questioned whether these funds could be used better.

Land Use/NPZ:Soltys referred to Jim Sinex’s problem with his cisterns and violation of the setback.  The City has denied his variance but he can appeal their decision. Burge said the City DSD is regulating setbacks on cisterns now.Cook asked about underground cisterns.SHNA Assn. has filed a protest on this and so has a next door neighbor of Sinex’s.

MCRC: Soltys volunteered to be alternate rep. to O’Dowd.

SHCS: Coordinator Trudy Mills sent report (per Classen) that services were rendered by 9 volunteers to 8 residents in April, $85 spent on brochures, will have volunteer/recipient party in Fall.  RTA mileage reimbursement rate went up to 55 cents for April/May/June 2009.  Classen mentioned that Mills has now served as coordinator of SHCS for over a year.

O’Dowd suggested that he ask Sheila Hogan to join our board which has 2 vacancies at present.Hoban is a former SHNA board member and returned from living overseas.

Peter Norback (from Miles neighborhood) has set up program there picking up one can a week from his neighbors to donate to Community Food Bank.  He’s trying to find someone in SH to do similar pick up of one can a week & will be back next month to talk more about this. Carbajal mentioned that Laddie Hall asked about doing this for SH.

Adjournment: 9:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Carolyn Classen, Secretary