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09-15-2009 Minutes

Board meeting, Sept. 15, 2009

Himmel Park Library 1035 N. Treat Ave., Tucson

Draft minutes

Call to order:President John O’Dowd called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.

Board members present:  John O’Dowd, Carolyn Classen, Rick Bell, Wallis Downer, Sylvia Mungaray, Steve Gilsdorf, Gail Schuessler, Ed Stokes, John Wilder, Janett Carbajal

Absent: Doug Donahue, Kathi McLauglin, Frank Soltys

Guests: Reah Barrows, Paul Mackey, Officer Nathan Venger (Uof A police),

Skip and Ann Andree, Randy Downer, Norm Epstein, Allen and Michelle Kinnison, Pedro Davis, Monique Martin (Ward 6 office).

Review of secretary’s minutes from July 21 meeting (sent via email): approval deferred to October meeting due to no printed copies for board.

Review of agenda: Andree DDO to be heard first, before rest of agenda.

Call to Audience:  Reah Barrows wants speaker from police to talk about safety issues on E. 10th St. (Neighborhood watch) –board member Sylvia working on it.  John O. announced TPD Midtown Hardesty station having crime meeting on Oct. 10, 8:30 a.m. to 12 noon re: neighborhood watch, some board members volunteered to attend.

Announcements: Oct. 25 Neighborfest 2009 (per Carolyn, will send out info later).

Andree Design Development Option (DDO):VP Ed assigned to report on Andree DDO at 2406 E. 4th St. (John O. recused due to relationship w/ neighbor). Ed did the study and recommends approval. Classen neighbors across the street visited on Saturday and have no objections.  Skip Andree described his proposed renovation for more storage space, said City needed to send drawings out to neighbors but didn’t, has studied the SH alleys which need to be cleaned up.  Architect for project is historic architect (Jody Gibbs).MSP to approve Andree DDO, with Ed to respond to the City on behalf of the deadline of 9/17/09.

Call to Audience continued:

Officer Venger (his 1st meeting with us), spoke of having a close relationship with neighbors, students are back for Fall, no crime news at present, please contact them with concerns. Ed asked about neighbors’ street parking (vandalized car windows) and whether such criminal damage happens on campus as well. Venger also answered other questions about large trucks and noise from the campus.

Board went into Executive Session: 7:32 a.m. to discuss legal matters.

Board resumed regular agenda: 8:45 p.m. after Executive Session.

Standing committee reports -Land use:

Neighbor Paul Mackey (email: reported on 1) update of University Plan—draft on website (, prior 2003 campus plan done through CCRC, updated every 5 years. He passed around proposed plan (more student housing, route for streetcar, parking spaces, mixed use development, etc.) & comments now going to Board of Regents in December,  2) Downtown LINKS project around 4th Avenue and E. 6th Street, recent land use design study approved by Mayor and Council, reducing parking requirements. Broadway redevelopment to widen Broadway to 8 lanes, alignment approved in 1981. Downtown Partnership now to include Broadway corridor to Park Place.RTA doing proposed Broadway plan soon, setting up Citizen’s advisory committee which SHNA needs to be on.

John O. talked about Broadway Village Planned Area Development (PAD), may think of hiring architectural consultant along with other neighboring associations, to work w/ developer, for historic preservation and openness issues.  Only 2.7 acres there at Broadway Village and not the 40 acres originally meant for PADs.

John O. reported on Sinex cistern issue resolved by Board of Adjustment, giving  resident the right to keep cisterns there, but  with plants & trellises on them.  SHNA abstained to take position.

Deadline for next newsletter per Wallis: Oct. 1, comes out middle of October.  Articles proposed with assignments: Ed on Sam Hughes Elem. School news, Janett on Broadway senior development project, Rick on membership updates, Carolyn on October 25 Neighborfest 2009, John O. on difference between home owners & neighborhood associations.

Historic preservation: no report by Frank (absent).

Membership by Rick-- 77 members before membership discounts offered, 98 now after discount offers, adding special offers for members online on SHNA website (  Interest from businesses outside neighborhood in doing discounts as well.  Board consensus –okay for those with physical proximity to neighborhood.  Rick re-evaluating amt. of membership dues.

SHNA T- shirts should be available by next board meeting.

Elderly housing: no report by Janett (left meeting).

CCRC by Gail: red tag ordinance map given to CCRC, lots of incidents in our neighborhood.  All college freshmen being encouraged to live on campus, which may aid neighborhoods with noise & parking issues.

Schools by Ed: Private donations raised for 12th teacher at SH Elem.  TUSD saying that SH Elem. may lose 11th teacher, but not an issue as Lineweaver Elem. students may be returning. Janet Jordan is new Principal at SH.SH school short of supplies, but PTA found money. Mansfeld MS has new Principal as well per John O.Parking problems at Tucson High, now has 3,000 students (largest in Pima County).  After football games U of A students used to pick up beer bottles in our neighborhood after the games – Gail will check w/ CCRC why this isn’t being done.

Proponents of Proposition 200 on November ballot (increasing TPD and fire fighters in Tucson) wants to speak at board meeting per John O. But this public safety issue would need presentation of both pro and con sides.  No decision taken by board.

SHCS: written email report sent by coordinator Trudy Mills: 8 volunteers assisted 28 times in August and September, 3 new volunteers trained, but all medical transport requests still not being met.Octoberfest event planned for October 18, 4 to 7 p.m. & board will be invited.

Treasurer’s report as submitted in writing by Steve.Balance on hand: $48,331, with actual revenues at $16,797 (including March home tour of $11,251) and actual expenditures at $4,142.

Meeting adjourned: 9:37 p.m. 

Respectfully submitted,

Carolyn Classen, Secretary

This is an old archived post or event, it is not current news.

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