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Sam Hughes Neighborhood Association, Tucson, Arizona

The Monthly Meeting of SHNA

The next monthly meeting of the Sam Hughes Neighborhood Association will be held Septmber 15, 2015 at 7:00 PM at the Himmel Park Library. There will be no meeting in July.

PLEASE NOTE: Unless otherwise announced, Board Meetings are held the 3rd Tuesday of each month. Look for minutes of recent meetings on the Minutes/Agendas page.

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Local Neighbor Recommended Service Providers

Would you like to recommend a company or service provider? Do you live in Sam Hughes neighborhood and have actually used the provider? Then submit your Sam Hughes neighbor recommended information.

This is a list of trades people and businesses recommended by residents of Sam Hughes. They are not submitted by the businesses, nor are they paid ads. They were submitted to the Sam Hughes website by your neighbors, who were happy with their work. Please do your own due diligence.


  • Are they licensed? Check here.
  • Have they been convicted of contracting without a license in the past two years? Check here
  • Have they been convicted more than two years ago? Check here
  • See current Most Wanted Unlicensed Contractors list.

  • Type of Service

    Company providing service

    SH Neighbor recommending this.

    Month, Year


    Karen Bellamy


    You won't find a better architect than Karen Bellamy! I have been enormously pleased with her work. She designed an addition for my home and it looks fantastic. It fits so nicely - it looks like it was part of the original 1946 plan! She offered great suggestions when I needed them. She also was very responsive to my ideas. She transformed my vague vision into reality! It was stressful for me to embark on this project. But Karen instilled much confidence and was a pleasure to work with. Working with Karen made the process fairly painless! Please feel free to contact me for more information!

    Neighbor: pendergrassmerri[at]

    Spring 2013

    Bee removal

    AA Africanized Bee Removal Specialists Inc.


    Neighbor: Dr. Art
    Dr.Art [at] Lipski dot com


    Bee removal

    HTS Bees L.L.C.

    Swarm Traps • Bee Removal • Prompt, Safe, Courteous Service.

    Pat McCracken
    2323 S. Craycroft Rd. #234
    Tucson, AZ 85711
    (520) 609-4350

    Pat came over and quickly asessed the situation and quoted two prices. I opted for the lower price, and he was done in about 2 hours. Bees gone now, great work! It was a 30lb hive.

    Neighbor: John Wilder
    johnw (at) dakotacom DOT net


    Cabinet Refinishing

    Artistic Woodworks

    Michael Chittock

    I am very happy with the work my refinished cabinets. My kitchen looks beautiful now. It was a very affordable solution to what looked like a big problem.

    Neighbor:  Lilian Jacques

    lilianmjacques [at]



    Beyond Cabinets

    Jon Mueller
    (formerly Mueller Manufacturing)

    They have expanded their business to do metal work. See their showcase. We really gave them some tough assignments (hatch to crawl space under sink cabinet, shallow shelves in niche, removable tub panels) and they not only solved them but did so with the highest quality and cheerful dignity.

    Neighbor: Karen Dahood
    kdahood [at]cox dot net



    Hoellerich's Custom Cabinets

    Jeff Hoellerich
    520) 245-4903

    Jeff built some new cabinets to match existing (circa 1930s) with some tricky install. He does great work at a fair price, and very easy to work with.

    Neighbor: Liz Wood
    ewood28 [at] gmail dot com


    Computer Repair

    Virus, Malware, Spyware, Computer Tutoring, Hardware & Software

    The Computer Dude

    Al Guevara

    Email the Computer Dude


    I would like to endorse our Computer Dude. The other week he managed to help me rid my computer of a virus by using a program that allowed him to see my computer, see what I was entering, and reprogram my computer, all from his home, all while explaining what he was doing on the phone. He is always patient and helpful and his charges are very reasonable.

    Neighbor: Dhira Mahoney
    dhira [at] asu DOT edu





    Computer Repair

    Virus, Malware, Spyware, Computer Tutoring, Hardware & Software

    The Computer Dude

    Al Guevara

    Email the Computer Dude


    I want to share with the Sam Hughes neighborhood how incredibly helpful and expert is our neighbor Al Guevara, our local "computer dude."

    He set up a double monitor display for my new laptop (a boon to writers like myself!) and most importantly, graciously, with much patience, but always with clarity, and for a most reasonable fee, taught me a thousand new tricks I need to know to get my new system up and running.

    And he always stands ready to answer my questions by phone or email. We are fortunate indeed to have him here in Sam Hughes!

    Neighbor: Ron Engel
    jronengel [at] gmail DOT com



    Computer Repair

    Virus, Malware, Spyware, Computer Tutoring, Hardware & Software

    The Computer Dude

    Al Guevara

    Contact the Computer Dude


    We are indeed, Ron!! Thank you for saying so. Take note, Computer Dude... I don't know where we'd be without you.

    Neighbor: Carol des Cognets
    desfuzz [at] aol DOT com


    Computer Repair

    Virus, Malware, Spyware, Computer Tutoring, Hardware & Software

    The Computer Dude

    Al Guevara

    Contact the Computer Dude


    I agree. He has helped me many times. Thanks, Al.

    Neighbor: Reah Barrows
    rbarrows1 [at] cox DOT net




    Computer Repair

    Virus, Malware, Spyware, Computer Tutoring, Hardware & Software

    The Computer Dude

    Al Guevara

    Contact the Computer Dude


    Al's the best! He has helped me numerous times to. Thanks, Al.

    Neighbor: Kim Krooks
    kimkcrooks [at] gmail DOT com




    Computer Repair

    Virus, Malware, Spyware, Computer Tutoring, Hardware & Software

    The Computer Dude

    Al Guevara

    Contact the Computer Dude


    Al is very competent and professional. He was a big help when we had problems with our family computers. Highly recommend his services.

    Neighbor: Denise McEvoy
    Denisemc0727 [at] yahoo DOT com




    Computer Repair

    Virus, Malware, Spyware, Computer Tutoring, Hardware & Software

    The Computer Dude

    Al Guevara

    Contact the ComputerDude


    Very helpful. Quick diagnosis. Explains things well.

    Neighbor: Rick Bell
    bellinsuranceaz [at] yahoo DOT com


    Computer Repair

    Virus, Malware, Spyware, Computer Tutoring, Hardware & Software

    The Computer Dude

    Al Guevara

    Contact the Computer Dude


    Al arrived promptly for a weekend appointment and got my 5-year-old computer working again. His rates are very reasonable and his service is competent.

    Neighbor: Larry Roberts
    lroberts3 [at]qwestoffice dot net


    Computer Repair

    Virus, Malware, Spyware, Computer Tutoring, Hardware & Software

    Heart to Hard Drive

    Audrey Sharpe

    Contact Audrey Sharpe

    520 405 1405

    Wonderful teacher. Prompt and patient, Good understanding of computers. Fairly priced. Pleasant to work with.

    Neighbor: Richard Johnson
    rictungsten(at) cox dot net



    RD Hollenbeck Diamond Tail Construction

    R.D. Hollenbeck

    Contact Diamond Tail Construction


    I would like to recommend a high quality licensed contractor named R.D. Hollenbeck.

    He can build anything from custom homes to studios, garages to sheds. He built my sister a beautiful art
    studio/guest house in Blenman last year. He also remodeled her kitchen recently. He does very high quality work.

    In 2007 he restored amd remodeled a 1920's home in the
    Feldman's neighborhood, which was done beautifully.

    R.D. is a very creative builder...he has an artist's soul and he works with precision. He is also very pleasant to work with. Amd like all builders he needs more work right now, so if you need even a small remodel or addition, I highly recommend him.

    Neighbor: Rita Gibbs
    Rita realtor_rita [at] cox dot net



    Bob Treanor


    "Bob has done a lot of work in the area and is very talented--full of good ideas."

    Neighbor: Dianne Horgan
    dhorgan (at ) email dot arizona dot edu



    Herb Unruh


    He did an excellent job of completely renovating and modernizing our main bathroom without sacrificing its 1927 identity.

    Neighbor: Ernest Rubi
    e_rubi [at] yahoo dot com


    Rocky O'Malley


    Rocky subcontracted out a job for me which involved raising the height of the entire wall around my yard, rebuilding part of it and stuccoing, painting it. I would definitely recommend him based on that.

    sonoran78 [at] yahoo dot com

    I have known Rocky for almost 50 years because he has been a family friend since grade school. He has worked on at least 7 residences that are or were owned by family members, including my current and previous residences. I HIGHLY recommend him.

    Neighbor: Kathi McLaughlin


    Pro Remodeling and Restoration

    John Almond

    John Almond, owner, is most honest and responsible . All my work was done perfectly and on time at a reasonable cost.

    Neighbor: Dr. Art
    Dr.Art [at] Lipski dot com


    Bob Blizzard-The Electrical Wizard


    Bob has done everything for us from rewiring light switches and installing lights to installing new service and circuit breaker boxes. He does a great job, but there are times when he is quite busy and it can be difficult to get an appointment.

    Neighbor: Katie
    scoutkatie [at]


    American Electrical Services


    We have used this company and been very pleased.

    Neighbor: Jen Tellman
    jennalyn [at] email dot arizona dot edu



    Swiniuch Electric

    (520) 975-2457

    BBB link

    I can vouch for John Swiniuch as well! Connie recommended him to me a while back and he has done multiple jobs for me since, always well, affordably and on time. Great guy.

    Neighbor: Nicole Meade
    nicolemeade [at] yahoo dot com

    2013, 2014


    Miguel the Floor Guy

    Repairs, Installation, Refinishing & Recoating.


    I have worked with him several times over the past 10 years. He does excellent work at a good price. He knows Sam Hughes; there is a good chance he has done your floors or your neighbor's before.

    Neighbor: Liz Wood
    ewood28 [at] gmail dot .com

    Gardener, Landscaping, Yard maintenance

    Dave Moyer

    520 977 0267

    I highly recommend Dave Moyer. He is reasonable, knows desert plants, easy to work with, was trained in landscaping by Jon McNamara who owns Community Gardens at River and Alvernon.

    Neighbor: Rebecca
    rebeccacreative {at] yahoo DOT com


    Gardener, Landscaping, Yard maintenance

    Francisco Garcia


    Francisco has done a great job for us for several years and I can highly recommend him. If you need additional information please don't hesitate to contact me directly.

    Neighbor: Virginia Hewgley
    vhewgley {at] cox DOR net

    2011, 2010, 2009

    Gardener, Landscaping, Yard maintenance

    Jose Corral


    My gardener is fantastic and not too expensive either. A very trustworthy, sweet guy who will really go the extra mile. He takes care of our rental house in Sam Hughes and every time we come back into town it still looks gorgeous. .

    avanium9989 [at]


    Gardener, Landscaping, Yard maintenance

    Horticulture Unlimited


    Had my entire front and back yards designed and installed by Horticulture Unlimited. In short, It was a really big project; brick patio/huge fireplace/built-in jacuzzi in the back, brick walkway and large fountain in the front, all surrounded by a beautiful landscape. They did a fantastic job and their workers are very talented craftsmen who always check in to make sure you get what you want. It wasn't cheap, but neither were the other quotes I got! They do smaller jobs as well.

    avanium9989 [at]

    1998 thru 2011

    Gardener, Landscaping, Yard maintenance

    Salvador "Sal" Navarrete


    Sal does excellent work, is reliable, reasonably priced and pleasant to have around. He has worked in Sam Hughes for many years and, like many, is now facing tough times.

    Neighbor: Jan Bell
    jrbell [at] u DOT arizona DOT edu

    1998 thru 2011


    Tom Alsop


    A reliable, reasonable, skilled handyman is I have recommended his services to a number of neighbors, and they have reported being very happy with him.

    Carol Bernstein
    bernstein3 [at] earthlink DOT net



    Steve Onofryton


    Reliable, honest, skilled, reasonable. And a good guy.

    Neighbor: George Shelton
    gshelton1 [at] cox DOT net



    Hector Martinez


    I have found a great handyman! He can do everything. Replaced vigas on house exterior, replace outdoor faucets, re-sanded deck by hand, painting, yard clean-up. You name it, he can do it. And very reasonable. His name is Hector Martinez. His Voice mail is always full, so just call & he will call you back. He is highly recommended!.

    Neighbor: Norma Wilson
    wabnormal [at] yahoo DOT com



    Martin Elizalde ("Rigo")


    Rigo is wonderful! Seems to be able to do most anything. Able to solve problems and find practical solutions. Really nice, dependable guy. Has done many odd jobs at my house and remodeled a rental for me. Reasonable prices, exceptional results.

    Neighbor: Dianne Horgan
    dhorgan (at) email.arizona dot edu


    House Cleaning

    Joni Morris

    (520) 622-2046
    jonidna [at] gmail dot com

    Joni cleaned my backyard guest house in preparation for a new tenant: Terrific job.. .passed the white glove test throughout.

    Neighbor: Lollie Butler
    butler24 [at] cox dot net


    House Cleaning

    Sara Velazquez

    (520) 991-0621

    Sara has been cleaning for us for about 10 years. She is totally honest and does a good job.

    Neighbor: Jen Tellman
    Jennalyn (at) email.arizona dot edu

    House Cleaning

    Uncommonly Clean - Kieran Robles


    Kieran does a thorough and well done job for a very reasonable fee.

    Neighbor: Red & Sue Redlaczyk
    redlaczyk39 (at) msn dot com


    House Sitting

    Aria Goebel


    I would like to make everyone aware of an excellent house sitter who has looked after our home this summer. As her other references we checked could attest, Aria has proven to be an extremely conscientious, reliable and fastidious choice. I would recommend her highly to anyone who is seeking a house sitter for an extended period of time.

    Neighbor: Steve Martinek
    steve.martinek [at] 4dtechnology dot .com


    Kitchen, tile, counters

    Jeff Hawes


    "He's done a lot of work for us and clients. He also had worked for McCaleb Remodeling who is well known in Tucson for remodels of vintage homes.

    Neighbor: Rich Kenney
    tucsonliving [at] aol dot com

    Kitchen, tile, counters

    Pete Cambridge


    He has done some remarkable work for us, is responsible, accountable, and very reasonable. He is also incredibly creative. 

    Neighbor: Randy Downer
    Randy [at] webprivatedetective dot com


    Kitchen, tile, counters

    La Casa Roja Tile, LLC

    520-304-1038 or

    Frederico Jacome, and Louis Casarez. Phenomenal work done with intricate design, and such great care taken by both the craftsmen and the owners, to make sure everything is right.

    Neighbor: Karen Dahood
    kdahood [at]cox dot net


    Kitchen, tile, counters

    Deco Tile


    Kurt did a very excellent job tiling our master bedroom and hallway (steps included). Reasonably priced, on time completion, and lots of helpful tips based on his many years of experience. Kurt was originally recommended to us by staff at Sierra Tile. Kurt also does mosaic tiling and has a portfolio to show.

    Neighbor: Steve and Carolyn Bernhardt
    bernhardttuc [at] aol dot com


    Masonry, Concrete, Welding, Fabrication

    Zona Decorative Concrete & Construction, LLC

    Mac Hicks
    AZ ROC # 268103
    (520) 591-1904

    Licensed, Bonded, and Insured

    Recently we had two sections of our sidewalk replaced by Mac Hicks who had done beautiful work for John and Sally Evans in Sam Hughes. He is really impressive, works alone and his work is beautiful. He is very professional.

    Neighbor: Su Egen,
    suavian [at] cox DOT net


    Notary Services

    Have Notary Will Travel

    Augie Schweers

    (520) 808-1800

    The owner was very helpful. He came promptly when I called to a medical facility.

    Neighbor: Jen Tellman
    jennalyn (at) email dot arizona.ed



    Mike Kapel


    He’s done a lot of good work for me, and the price is right.

    Neighbor: Randy Downer,
    Randy [at] webprivatedetective dot com



    Mike Koullias


    Is very good, takes a lot of pride in his work and his price is reasonable. He used a sponge-like process in my living room with great results.

    Neighbor: JoAnn,
    sonoran78 [at] yahoo dot com


    Steve Rose at Varsity Painting


    Steve has done excellent work for me on a couple of occasions, including painting of kitchen, bathrooms, and living rooms. He also did lead testing and mildew treatments. His estimates were very reasonable, and he is conscientious, respectful, and a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended!

    Neighbor: Karin Friederic
    karinulla [at]

    Painting & stucco

    Vic & Sons


    They have worked very efficiently and do a good paint job. They repaired some stucco cracks in a courtyard wall as well.

    Neighbor: Betty Guarraia,
    Lguar [at] aol dot com


    Pet Sitting

    Ananda Pet Care

    Loving Kindness & Companionship. Dog walking, day visits, home stays, special needs pets.

    Diane Colligan & Carol Yates

    I have used various pet sitters for 20+ years (4 different cities). Carol and Diane are the best! I feel very confident that my kitties and my home will be well cared for when I am away. I particularly like the way they send me kitty photos when they visit. It is very reassuring and makes travel much less stressful. My kitties love their Aunts, Carol and Diane!.

    Neighbor: Merri Pendergrass
    pendergrassmerri [at}gmail dot com


    Pet Sitting

    Ananda Pet Care

    For fabulous dog care, Diane & Carol will walk your dogs or stay overnight when you are away. They are wonderful with animals and I highly recommend them.

    Neighbor: Wendy Nelson
    dolce2me[at}gmail dot com


    Piano teacher

    Lira Makarova


    Is a very good teacher but she is over by Fort Lowell Park.

    Neighbor: Skip Andree
    andree [at] noao dot edu





    Hugh is absolutely the very best in town!!! Also known as Quality Drain, I have been working with him for over 20 years… amazing and he really knows old and new homes. Been meaning to write a review for him.

    Neighbor: Katya





    Hugh is quick, affordable, and thorough.

    Neighbor: D. Sidi
    shna.spamhungry [at ]



    Progressive Plumbing


    I had a gas leak and was shut down by SW Gas. Terry and his crew came out and worked a 12 hour day to get me up and running. Fair price and excellent work.

    Neighbor: evansr[at ]


    Pool Service

    Rick Loving Pool Service


    Rick takes the time and energy to learn about your pool and how to best service it; he can successfully maintain even the most difficult pools. He will offer suggestions on how to improve your pool’s performance and cut costs. Rick also lives in the SH neighborhood.

    Neighbor: Liz Wood
    ewood28 [at] gmail dot com



    Rita Gibbs CNE, ALHS
    Tierra Antigua Realty


    Rita was our listing agent when we needed to sell our home on 8th st. We are out-of-town owners. Her responsiveness during the sale was spectacular on all counts. She responded to every email and text immediately. Every contact with her was positive, and she sold our home very quickly.

    Neighbor: Katherine A.
    ilokat74 [at] gmail dot com



    Keller Williams Southern Arizona
    Polina Cake


    Realtor Polina is a very reliable and hard working agent. She services every client of hers as if she/he is her family member and a billion-dollar-house owner. This agent has her systems in place, shows up on time, treats the client exceptionally well. You or your family/friends will feel happy to be served by Polina!

    Neighbor: Hank B. and Art C.
    art.cake [at] siaz dot biz



    Billy Jones


    Many years experience as fine finisher in remodeling firm. Great attitude. Creative problem solver. He made us an attractive cover for a kiva fireplace opening.

    Neighbor: Karen Dahood
    kdahood [at] @cox dot net

    2010 & 2011


    Hoffman Roofing


    Excellent quality, great customer service. I give them a 5 star ranking on 5 being the highest, 1 the lowest. Tell him I referred you. They've done 2 jobs for me, both time quality and excellence.

    Neighbor: Louanne Panapento
    lpanepento [at] yahoo dot com





    I have had good luck with Roofsavers and Jon’s Roofing.

    Neighbor: Debbie Stertz
    debbiestertz [at] gotucson dot com



    Rincon Roofing


    I use them too, have had good luck, no leaks.

    Neighbor: Christine Curtis
    ccurtis [at] scstucson dot org





    We have had very good luck with the roofer Tribolet.

    Neighbor: Norma Wilson
    wabnormal [at] msn dot com


    Tree Service

    Branching Out Tree Services


    They removed our pine and leave a short
    stump. Recommended by a neighbor across the street, who had an old but live tree, a eucalyptus in there backyard. It was a monster tree.

    Neighbor: Linda Miku
    bagbaazai@ [at] nexiliscom dot com


    Tree Service

    Romeo Tree Service


    Insured tree service right here in our Sam Hughes neighborhood; was impressed both by his professionalism and by his friendly personality.

    Neighbor: Vytas Sakalas
    vsakalas [at] dakotacom dot net

    Very satisfied with Angelo's professional work. Also gave SH members a 10% discount.

    Neighbor: mpmadden (at) hotmail dot com


    Tub Restoration

    Koehler Tub Restoration & Repair

    Phone: (520) 622-8797
    Fax: (520) 628-8797

    Click for BBB review.

    We were pleased with the work and results.

    Neighbor: Barbara Hall rbarber21 AT cox dot net

    Upholstery, leather

    Baca Upholstery


    Mr. Baca has re-upholstered several chairs for me and also the seats in my son's car. He has always done an excellent job at a reasonable price. I would highly recommend him.

    Neighbor: Denise McEvoy
    denisemc0727 [at] yahoo dot com

    Upholstery, leather

    Fermin Gil


    "He did my living room couch and chair and has done numerous projects for friends. Very professional, does great work and is very reasonable. He also builds furniture. 

    Neighbor: JoAnn
    sonoran78 [at] yahoo dot com


    Columbus glass


    I used Columbus glass to replace window panes in old windows with double paned, "low e" glass so that I could retain the character of my house but still have more energy efficient windows.

    Neighbor: Katie Cox
    scoutkatie [at] hotmail dot com



    Olander's Window Replacement Specialists

    4143 Speedway Blvd

    info [at] olanderswindow dot com

    We just had 13 windows replaced by Olander's. In addition to their price being significantly less than other companies (Plum, Tucson Window and Door, Triple Pane), I was impressed and pleased with their installation -- quick, clean, and complete. We recommended them to a friend who had replacements by them, to.

    Neighbor: Dr. Art
    Dr.Art [at] Lipski dot com


    Wildlife Removal (Humane)

    Arizona Animal Experts
    Nuisance Wildlife Control

    Call and ask what animals they work with.

    Or call
    Marc Hammond
    (cell 520-272-1825)
    Jeff Carver
    (cell 520-850-4100)

    This is the contact information for the company that helped us relocate the raccoon. Marc worked with Rabies Control / Pima Animal Control for years and was trained in wildlife stuff by Sarah Gorby. The company is licensed through AZ Game and Fish.

    NOTE: Marc told us that as a rule Game and Fish will only come out to the real nuisance wildlife: bears and cougars. All of us with bobcats, coyotes, javelinas appear to be on our own.

    Neighbor: Linda Miku
    bagbaazai [at] nexiliscom dot com


    Yard Work Service

    E & C Yard Work Service

    Yard work, Tree & Bush trimming, Palm Tree work.


    Edgar and Crystal have cleaned our desert-landscaped yard, trimmed bushes, and hauled trash. Friendly people who do thorough and neat work. 

    Neighbor: George Shelton
    gshelton1 [at] cox dot net



    Would you like to recommend a company or service provider? Do you live in Sam Hughes neighborhood and have actually used the provider?

    Submit your Sam Hughes neighbor recommended information.

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